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CSS/JS minification in 1.5.0 / bleeding edge


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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that javascript/CSS minification functionality was removed from core. It was replaced with new module tbminifier - this module contains almost identical implementation of original code form core. 

If you update to bleeding edge, and if you are using CCC functionality, please install this module as well. Otherwise, combined css/js assets would not be minified (but they would still be combined into one big bundle)

The reason behind this change is to reduce dependency of core code on third party composer libraries. These dependencies causes a lot of troubles recently. If you install some module that depends the same library (but different version), core version of library will be used because it was loaded first. We know about at least one problematic module -- mollie -- but there will be others as well. 

Another reasons for this change is to have more flexibility -- you can implement different minification algorithms using different libraries. Who knows, maybe somebody will come up with something new and better.

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