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Deleting Modules from the Back Office



I've always left my backoffice cluttered in Prestashop, but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf with Thirty Bees and while the store I'm working on at present is still just a development site, I would like to clean up the back office of unused modules. That said, does anyone know how to actually DELETE a module entirely from the system?

To clarify a bit, as an example I don't plan on using the BeesBlog module(s), so I want to remove them entirely, and even though I expected them (5 modules total) to disappear from the list once I "deleted" them, I delete them and they are still there! ...and I can't figure out how to make them go away!:o

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On 10/5/2023 at 2:33 PM, datakick said:

Modules page displays

  1. local modules (modules present locally in /modules/ directory)
  2. modules available through thirtybees api

I guess we could (and should) add a filter to hide non-local modules

button slider labels (hide/show) "remote modules" like the demo mode slider button... (mockup)


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