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AEUC: Error thrown on index.php?controller=order


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I'm getting the following error during the checkout flow

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /modules/advancedeucompliance/advancedeucompliance.php on line 920 on the page index.php?controller=order when you get the overview of the order.

Line 920 is:

$linkConditions = $this->context->link->getCMSLink($cmsConditions, $cmsConditions->link_rewrite, $isSslEnabled); It looks like some type of CMS page is missing. Does anyone know how to check what might be missing and potentially fix it?

Thank you

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It's worth checking if you've got a terms and conditions page as this is compulsory on the checkout process to get your customers to accept them before purchasing. It might be the module is looking for a certain url for these - you could check in that file the exact url that it's expecting.

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Only for my information you are talking about the AEUC module and a theme? I guess Warehouse by chance?

I am interested in this since I am planning to change my Shoply with Warehouse theme. I have to use AEUC for Germany, too. At the moment I just changed

{* *}

in hookOverrideTOSDisplay.tpl and put the changed file in theme/shoply/modules/.... as a theme override. In your case you could try to set the setting from YES to No and due to edit of the given file above no interaction of a customer is needed and you could even hide the contents asking the customer to do so.

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