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Robots.txt generator set for optimal seo benefits?


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I had some struggle with the generated robots.txt and Google's own testing tool for Google access vs robots.txt allows/dissalows restrictions.

Anyway there are two lines that make me wonder:

  • User-agent: *

  • Disallow: /*

The first line I thought would allow access of all bots that could be seo-wise nice :) The last I thought would be a general disallow. But since this line is at the end I thought that would be fine since bots are allowed at the top already.

In summary Google was not allowed to crawl my site optimal with these settings. I had to comment # Disallow: /* and to add User-agent: * Disallow: (at the end of robots.txt) to give Google's bots and crawler free access.

In a nutshell, since we are in ecommerce I wonder waht the optimal robot.txt is to boost seo/Google.

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Nice, that you found time to check it. I did rename the file and generated a new one on the live host.

Differences are that I had to add, at the end:

User-agent: * Disallow:

Otherwise Google is not happy. I also added for my blog that I going to burry: Allow: */wordpress/

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Hello, as far as i understand, the standard for robots.txt does not know the use of asterisk *

I would like to include some links for my own in the robots.txt , as i dont want to let crawlers see our privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, shipping and something like that....

The links are as follows for English and German language, e.g. myABCDEdomain.com/en/info/Terms-Conditions myABCDEdomain.com/de/info/allgemeine-geschaeftsbedingungen

so i think i have to include it like this:



Disallow: /en/info/Terms-Conditions Disallow: /de/info/allgemeine-geschaeftsbedingungen ```

Is this correct? Does this directive means that the url (file) starting with /en/ is prohibited from browsing? To exclude the whole directory, it would be like this: Disallow: /de/info

thank you

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Maybe you know that in Germany the lawyers or consumer advocates can write warnings and penalties to online mercants. They often use scripts for the search with search-engines or do his manually with a piece of text to find such information as ToS, data protection and so on. We want to prevent us of that and do not let those pages be indexed by search-engines.

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