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<Solved> How to use csv import for many colors & sizes for a single product?


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Its a long list because you combined the attributes. It should be easier if you splitted it into 1 attribute for size, and 1 for color. Maybe you will have to do this manually. Maybe its some work, but it is a 1 time job, after that your attibutes are stored and you can use them any time.

In my webshops i also use lots of color and size attirbutes, and i have splitted them into 2 attributes. Some products of me have more then 5000 combinations.

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I never have done that before. When i setup a product i use a combination module which creates the combinatiosn for me. For as far as i can see it combines in the import and shows it as 1 attribute instead of 2. But i think it should be possible what you want. Maybe 1 of our developers can help you out, dont think its that difficult.

Watch my attributes :)

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I checked your site and the items you listed a while ago have the size and color split. The newest ones have them as one item. Did you change your csv file format recently?

If you are using a , as the multivalue separator it should import your size and color as two attributes not one. Your file looks like mine except I use ~ as my multivalue separator.

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@jnsgioia Thanks. I should have referred you to my screenshot in the beginning of my post. It shows the csv with the comma multivalue separator. The products you viewed only have a few choices. I changed and successfully have been using my csv for a long time. Nice to see you ?

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For some reason it is not recognizing the comma as a multivalue separator, that is why I asked if you had changed your file format recently. I guess I should have asked if you were using the comma when the earlier listings were uploaded.

The number of combinations shouldn't make any difference.

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@zimmer-media Thank you for your time and effort!

I still can't get it to work. I separated the variante (combination attribute) with a comma: size, color

wert (combination value) size and color is XS,baby blue (no separator in between size and color)

Dropdown is set up for all my attributes. Field separators for the import are comma and semicolon.

I'm doing this on my test site, btw. With a comma between the combination values of size and color:

0_1507727298647_csv import - does not separate the attributes.jpg

Test product:

0_1507727366149_csv import does not separate size and color - product image.jpg

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@lesley @mdekker @Traumflug @wakabayashi I think we have a bug in the csv imports. Screenshot: I used the same exact csv and the old product page is correct. I changed the ID # for the new upload to #700.

The new product page is wrong and so are all the newest products I have uploaded that have combinations sizes and colors.

0_1507730331606_csv import bug.jpg

Here is the csv file I used and all I did was change the Product ID


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Hi, @zimmer-media I did and it seems a little confusing but thank you.

color:select:0, size:select:1” column value write “baby blue:0,XL:1

I really have to wait for @Traumflug @mdekker and @lesley because there was a lot of work done on csv imports a couple of months ago and a lot of changes. (I'm not being stubborn. I'm overwhelmed.)

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