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  1. I'd rename the old installation folder and create a new one for the new installation.
  2. I'd be surprised if regenerating images hurts search engine ranking, because image URLs stay the same. A regenerated image is also identical to the one before, same MD5 sum. Just tested this. If you still want to regenerate only some, just delete them. tb generates missing images on the fly, they'll reappear as soon as a visitor needs them. Still same MD5 sum. To find images of a certain type: find img/p -name \*home_default.jpg Adjust this search until it finds what you want, then delete them by adding '-delete': find img/p -name \*home_default.jpg -delete Just don't delete the original, the image without '-' in it's name, like '1.jpg', '342.jpg'.
  3. Earlier this week I was asked for advice on two vulnerabilities somebody assumed to exist on his site. Lo’ and behold, s/he was right both times. For one of them I wrote a blog post, showing how to detect this vulnerability and also a rough sketch on how to fix the server if needed. The Host Header Injection Booboo Detection is quite easy on the command line. Just run this, with <my host> replaced by your actual host: curl -v -H "Host: evil.com" https://<my host> 2>&1 | grep evil.com If the answer contains something with evil.com, the host is vulnerable. Testing should happen on all hosts in the public and with HTTP as well as HTTPS.
  4. Uhm, one can turn on multishop only for all shops of an installation or for none of them. Did you perhaps duplicate your installation, making a copy of all files and the database? One can do this, but it's not multishop. In this case, both are independent installations. To get a multishop, one has only one installation with one database. There one can add additional domains and URLs for this single installation.
  5. Increasing the size of a table data type can never hurt other than needing slightly more disk space. There is one case where it wants to decrease decimal(21,6) to decimal(20,6), which is safe as well. All prices are stored in decimal(20,6), so having one of many fields with an additional digit makes no distinction.
  6. Traumflug

    New Sellers

    PS 1.6 modules usually need no adaption to tb. Just install it.
  7. Besten Dank für diesen Bericht. Wo der rechtliche Unterschied zwischen einer eigenen Auswertung und einer Auswertung bei Google liegt, erschliesst sich mir jedoch nicht so ganz. Tracking ist Tracking. Vielleicht bin ich deswegen kein Rechtsanwalt geworden 🙂
  8. Klar, das geht. Ist nur nicht gerade "einfach". Alle Dateien kopieren, SEO & URLs verbiegen, DB nicht nur anlegen sondern duplizieren, Zeiger auf die DB in config/settings.inc.php verbiegen.
  9. Agreement on the first part, not so much on the second part. Technically necessary cookies, e.g. to track a login or a filled cart, don't need consent. Describing these in the privacy statement and/or where they get created is sufficient. Matomo is obviously not technically necessary, as one can handle orders without just fine. Accordingly it needs consent. Anyways, it's hard to find clear descriptions and statements about this matter. Take my comment as educated opinion, not as authoritative answer.
  10. Ah, wait, I overlooked the 'go to next page'. Then I indeed get 'no products'. Also another snippet not looking right, page 1 is missing: Regarding the problem, the link behind 2, 3, ... is wrong. It is: https://www.rock4u.eu/camisetas-rock#/page-2 It should be https://www.rock4u.eu/camisetas-rock?p=2 Maybe a typo in the "Friendly URL" of the category, maybe a module messing things up. There's a switch in Advanced Parameters -> Performance to turn all non-thirty-bees modules (edit: and all overrides) off. Always worth a try.
  11. Well, I see 4 subcategories and 7 pages with 21 products each, so ~147 products. Except for one subcategory image missing there appears to be nothing wrong.
  12. Traumflug


    One can hire developers and a clear statement that the project currently named thirty bees isn't going to be abandoned. If you prefer another developer and don't care about the future of thirty bees it currently offers nothing for you, that simple 🙂
  13. Possible? Yes, of course. Editing the template is likely not sufficient, though. One also needs to move PHP and JS code to the other template and find a place to store this phone number without an address. Another option might be to move to a 3-step or 1-step checkout, depending on your taste. @toplakd has done great work in this area and maintains a thread explaining the work in this forum. That said, making a phone number mandatory is known to make customers reluctant. They want to buy something. Usually as anonymously as possible, to not risk joining a phone or other marketing campaign.
  14. Traumflug


    Great stuff is always "unfinished". Remember the first iPhone? Far behind what one could do with this hardware, still it started a new era of computing for everyone. Because these few things it did were implemented extremely well, everything else was postponed to later models. Merchant's Edition probably won't start a new era for everybody, still it follows this strategy. This forum is a working forum already, low urgency to duplicate it.
  15. Traumflug


    Yes, this is true. Many modules not PHP 7.3 compliant, though, logging the typical warnings behind the scenes next to working just fine on the public surface. Also usually fairly easy fixes.
  16. Traumflug


    Not sure how to answer this. Seen this 'Goodbye' thread, and perhaps some of these spontanously appearing chats? People talked about "plans", but actually meant their personal wishlist. A wishlist-festival! On top a couple of people who tried to switch a few simple knobs in order to pull developers in for their own favor. Working on tb means hearing complaints and unfulfillable wishes every day. "I want this!", "somebody should do that!", "why is this still not done!!1!!!" ... and all for free and yesterday, of course. Somewhere in the depths of Slack is a channel with lots of developers, most at least partially building their business on tb. Same experience there: "when will this be done?", "should do that!!", "why didn't do somebody XY already???" ... and zero contributions from them, not a single line of code. A quite daunting experience, one needs a thick skin to survive in such an environment. Ah. No hesitation to shell out money towards the old PS universe, but not even thinking about investing these bucks into the tb project. I better stay silent here. Perhaps the recent stirrup is a cleaning rain shower for the project. Because there are also these other merchants and developers. Those developers who don't complain, but show up with code. Those merchants who don't lament about free modules not working perfectly, but pay a developer to get these modules there. It's a joy and a satisfying experience to work with them and for them. Thanks to all of them, they move the project forward!
  17. Traumflug


    This third 'Disallow:' in the old version looks like broken code, as there's nothing noted on what to disallow. The other two directives disallow Google crawlers. Usually not what merchants want.
  18. In back office -> Preferences -> SEO & URLs, 'Base URI' should be set to this subfolder. Example from my development installation:
  19. Dann beschreibe doch, was diese "Schwierigkeiten" sind. Nur dann kann man sie auch beseitigen oder beschreiben, wie man sie beseitigt. Der Plan ist, diese Cookies früher oder später ganz zu entfernen. Ein Cookie, das auf einen leeren Warenkorb verweist, macht keinen Sinn. Einen leeren Warenkorb abzuspeichern macht auch keinen Sinn. Hat man das nicht mehr, braucht es auch kein Cookie-Opt-In mehr. Das ist allerdings ein eher komplexes Stück Arbeit, weil die Cookie-Geschichten tief in Core verankert sind. Will man Google-/Piwik-/wasauchimmer-Analytics oder auch schaltet die tb-eigenen Analysefunktionen ein, braucht man wohl einen Opt-In. Sowas speichert und analysiert ohne technische Notwendigkeit personalisierte Daten, das braucht Einverständnis.
  20. One can add any HTML code. The leftmost button ('Code') allows to edit raw HTML directly, all other buttons are mostly for convenience.
  21. I'd backup by other means and try again without making a backup. There's a switch for that under the button for proceeding. Removes the need to solve the problem 🙂 Solving the problem would require to catch this failed response in the browser's developer tools and if this still gives no good hints, to insert debugging code into the migration module until the problem is found. Obviously a time consuming process. BTW., one can scroll the log in this grey-ish box, latest messages are at the bottom.
  22. The address this tool tries to load would be much more interesting than the decoration of the 404 response.
  23. Ähm, in der Datenbank fummelt man besser nicht manuell herum. Dafür gibt es Klassen, die das machen, in dem Fall die Klasse Order. Die darin enthaltenen Produkte sind OrderDetails, die jeweils dieser Order zugeordnet sind. Und dann gibt es da natürlich noch eine ganze Menge Anhängsel, von der verwendeten Währung bis zu einem Flag, ob es sich um ein Geschenk handelt.
  24. Traumflug

    Free UPS module

    See https://www.merchantsedition.com/#portfolio, click on Custom Modules. Not that it'd be easy to crowdfund a module needed by just three or four merchants, still doable, of course.
  25. Scheint nicht besonders dringend zu sein, wenn niemand eine Meinung dazu hat, wie so ein Modul funktionieren soll 🙂
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