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  1. Hello Gotabor, Using our module you can migrate all your data to TB with safety way. After your pucrhase, we will do a minor modification on the module. And you don't need any CSV or MySQL import. You can get the module from this link: https://store.thirtybees.com/shop-modules/administration/migrationpro-migrate-from-prestashop-to-thirty-bees-migration-tool Regards, Araz- MigrationPro
  2. @haylau I understood you. 1) For employees: you must use the "Forget Password" option in the Admin Login page. 2) For customers: module automatically copies COOKIE_KEY, and use it during the login process. Because migrated customer logins in over our module. When migrated customer logins over our module next time, the login process goes over TB. that`s why we did not recommend our customer to disable or remove our module immediately after the migration.
  3. @haylau if all migrated customers logged in to the new shop, the login process after that will not go over our module.
  4. @haylau Hi, during the migration process the module automatically keeps customers passwords. When the customers try to login to the new shop, the login process is going over our module. That’s why you must not disable or delete our module.
  5. @hygiene1 Could you explain your faced issue more detailed? P.S We never supported other modules but for you, I can take a look if you will provide access.
  6. Dear All, Upgrade of thirty bees to the latest version and Migrate from PrestaShop to thirty bees modules updated.
  7. @cdwebman First all of them, I want to thank you for using our module and for your "bug" report we will update our module ASAP!
  8. Dear all, You want to upgrade your current shop version to latest version. Our module upgrades the shop so secure and safe way. Our module never and never makes any changes in your current shop. You only need to create the new, empty, fresh TB with the latest version in the new server or subfolder in the current server. The first way (installing the shop current server): 1) Create subfolder under name "new_shop" or "shop1.x" and etc. 2) Install the latest version of TB to this folder. And be sure that the new shop accessible via URL. For example, your current shop URL is "https://your_shop_name.com", the new shop must accessible with that: "https://your_shop_name.com/subfolder_for_new_shop" 3) Install the main module in this new shop. 4) Navigate the module page. Inside it, you will find a connector module. Download it. 5) Install this connector module to the main shop (shop that you are using now under "https://your_shop_name.com" domain). 6) Navigate the main modules configuration page. 6.1) You will see the URL field. 6.2) The first URL field you must put your main shop URL (the shop that you have installed the connector module. "https://your_shop_name.com" it is your main shop URL). You can use the video guide: https://youtu.be/do6vcRXvedI That`s all. Now click "Next" button. You will see the configuration page. If you have any question or you have some error, please inform us. We are ready to help you! Regards, Araz - MigrationPro
  9. Dear Ron Taylor, Thank you for contacting MigrationPro Support Team! Regarding the errors you get, can you give us more details and screenshots? 1) **RE:** I recommend you install TB to the online environment. 2) **RE:** Using our module you can migrate this kind of data. 3) After the migration process, you can do the modification on the migrated data. I mean you can do whatever you want We remain at your disposal for any questions. Have a good day Regards, Araz - MigrationPro