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  1. Thanks, datakick, I appreciate it 🙂 Regarding my other requirements: For "Contact form on Product page" - I've been following Nemo's PS tutorial: "Ajax Contact Form on Contact Page" For the most part, it appears to be working - but further testing is required - it seems I may have to modify the error state in the jQuery, but so far so good. For now it seems like it's working 🙂 https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/564724-creating-an-ajax-contact-form-on-the-product-page/ http://nemops.com/prestashop-ajax-contact-form/#.XYN8VSgzaUl Just a question regarding "Adding a new field to the Contact Form": I've found Nemo's Tutorial, but not sure if it will still work... I will try to implement, but could be a while before I provide feedback... Is there a better or easier way to do this? http://nemops.com/adding-new-fields-to-prestashop-contact-form/#.XYOCMCgzaUk
  2. Ok wow... I've check it out, turns out it's not just a simple "Contact form sending a mail" module. No, it's a fully fledged "Customer Service System" with tickets, 'reply direct from system', messages timeline, and more. Wow... 🤗 Sure, a built-in Captcha system would've been a nice addition (not to mention adding fields from the BO admin - I'm pushing it, I know 😉) + I need to figure out how to leverage this on the product page, but still... Much more than I expected! 30Bz continues to impress! 😀
  3. Thanks for the reply SeaSky. And the form submissions, are they viewable in the BO admin somewhere? Also can you specify or change the to and cc addresses?
  4. Hi I'm learning TB and trying to get more familiar with it. I have a couple of questions regarding the contact form: Are the Contact page form submits saved somewhere and if so, where can I access this? Also where do you set the to and cc addresses?
  5. For me so far, the "slash" problem has only happened on the Core Updater as well as causing a "minor" js error on the Product Comparison page. Other than that, I haven't encountered any other "slash" related issues on my local development environment running XAMPP on Windowz so far. And I've been testing and playing with 30Bz extensively for a quite some time now. The fix that MusicMaster provided earlier for the Core Updater issue (on the GitUpdater page) worked for me. Incidentally, he also provided a fix for the Product Comparison js error which also worked. I haven't had the need yet to change any PS ROOT DIR or PS CORE DIR stuff so far...
  6. Hi A lot of people use XAMPP on Windows for local development. I've had this issue as well. If you guys can fix this, it would be cool because otherwise more people will encounter this problem going forward.
  7. This has worked for me as well, thanks! When will this be integrated into a new release of TB as I see new users are still experiencing this problem?
  8. Hi I've submitted the Github issue as requested https://github.com/thirtybees/socialsharing/issues/5
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll most certainly checkout PresTools for some of it's features, thanks. However, the built-in 30Bz CSV Import can be used successfully as a maintenance tool and on many other online store platforms using CSV Import for maintenance is the standard. Cool thing with 30Bz, is that the CSV Import tool is actually very effective in this regard and works very well. I have successfully and extensively tested it to update the following: Product name, SKU, SEO (meta title, keywords), Brand / manufacturer, URL rewrite, Image add/replace, Quantity, Stock, Price, Tax Rules, On Sale, Sale from-to, Tags, Accessories and Product Category, etc. That being said, as far as I know, it can't do 'product packs' and setting the product category to 'default category' needs a change to be made as per this posts. All in all, it works well and is sufficient for my purposes regarding catalogue maintenance and update.
  10. Where is the best place to make this suggestion / issue ticket (and where)? What is the best way to go about this?
  11. I have tested this solution, using the PS 1.7 variant of the code and can confirm that it's working 🙂 Thanks for the assistance, Zen 🙂 The code has the following effect: On CSV Import, the product's category is updated, the product's breadcrumb is updated and the "default category" is updated and reflects in the backend 🙂 How to update: In AdminImportController.php: Find: // Will update default category if there is none set here. Home if no category at all. Change code to: if (isset($product->id_category[0])) { $product->id_category_default = (int)$product->id_category[0]; } else { if (!isset($product->id_category_default) || !$product->id_category_default) { $defaultProductShop = new Shop($product->id_shop_default); $product->id_category_default = Category::getRootCategory(null, Validate::isLoadedObject($defaultProductShop) ? $defaultProductShop : null)->id; } } IMO, I believe this change should be integrated into TB. Similar to what they've done with PS 1.7 on this ticket: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/10871 https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/10930 I will try to create an issue ticket on this module in TB Github - but I'm not sure if this is the best place to make the suggestion or if others agree?
  12. Actually, TB / PHP noob here 🙂 So, learning. It all looked a bit confusing at first - trying to make sense of the code. I guess I'll get there... So hence this forum posts - to ask super-advanced TB pros for help. Thanks 👍
  13. Thanks for this Zen. I see the PS 1.7 solution will be integrated into PS. https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/10930 The dude there wrote this - it seems compatible and similar to what you wrote - what do you think of his approach to this? Can I use his code or should I use yours? if (isset($product->id_category[0])) { $product->id_category_default = (int)$product->id_category[0]; } else { if (!isset($product->id_category_default) || !$product->id_category_default) { $defaultProductShop = new Shop($product->id_shop_default); $product->id_category_default = Category::getRootCategory(null, Validate::isLoadedObject($defaultProductShop) ? $defaultProductShop : null)->id; } }
  14. In some cases, administrating a large store, you may want to use CSV import to help with bulk updates. I'm sure that I'm not the only one requesting this. And looking at that PS 1.7 Github issue - it's more than just two people interested in this... lol Ideally, I'd like to be able to this on CSV import without having to mess around with SQL queries - as my shop admin users are not very technical in that regard and it's not a good idea to let them play with SQL queries. However, for my purposes, may I ask you to please share the Query that use to update the default categories? And it seems that you've had the need to update the default categories in bulk before so...
  15. You can use the CSV file to update the product's information. So no, not deleting anything. In terms of the default category, the system already picks the 1st id that you select. So it's sub/parent/root if you specify 5,3,1 (tea,tea & coffee,root). In terms of functionality, I think it's perfectly reasonable to assume that you should be able to update your product's info - which you can already do without deleting anything. What I would like to see is that if you have a new category in your import update csv, then the system should replace what's currently there and make it default. If there is no category specified, it should not delete anything. Incidentally, I'm not the only one looking for this type of functionally - there appears to be a similar problem (and solution) in PS 1.7 with another user requesting the same thing. Briefly looking at the code, it appears we may be able to adjust the TB code here to do something similar. https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/10871
  16. Good suggestion. However, for me it's a bug, because you should be able to update the product's category on CSV import (which works) and this new category should then be set as default (which doesn't work). If it doesn't do this, then it prevents you from doing a mass category update on bulk CSV product import... which doesn't help if you want to move 300 products to a different category for example... or you noticed that with your initial import, the products where being assigned to the incorrect category. So you go, "no problem, I'll just do a bulk category update with CSV import" only to find that it doesn't work as you expected 😞 So no, not feature, bug - imo.
  17. Hi Zen Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this is what I'm looking for. I will have a look at this code and see if I can figure it out and make it do what I want it to do. The only thing is: surely what the system doing is a bug? Because, unless I'm mistaken, the system should always allow you to update a target product's category and then set this category as default (via CSV Import update)?
  18. Hi I've encountered a bug when trying to move a product to a different category with CSV import. (On TB 1.1.0 on local Xampp dev, worked before on 1.08) In short: On initial import, the product is assigned to the correct category and this category is set as the default category - which is correct. The product breadcrumb is also correct: Coffee and Tea -> Tea -> Test Product 1 Bug occurs when I try to do a re-import and change the default category, to Coffee (cat id 4) for example, then the following happens: Although the product has been moved to the correct category and is listed in the correct category in both the front-end and back-end, The product breadcrumb incorrectly shows the old path and default category instead of the new one The default category has changed to Root and not the correct category (Coffee) If I log in and change the product's default category manually, then the product's breadcrumb changes to the correct category Coffee and Tea -> Coffee -> Test Product 1 From what I recall, this was working in 1.08 where I could re-import the product and move it's category around without any issues. Front-end product breadcrumb would update correctly. Changing the product categories during subsequent imports make no difference and the front-end still displays the old path and default category of the initial 1st import 😞 Only after changing the default category manually does the new category reflect in the front-end product breadcrumb Also, I'm not sure why the Home category is not selected if Root (1) is specified... Images below How do we fix this? Please help! Screenshot steps: CSV for initial category import: 5 (tea / default cat), 3 (Tea and Coffee / Parent Cat), 1 (Root): Correct default category (though Home appears to be unselected): Initial import: Breadcrumbs Correct: CSV to update / change default category to Coffee: 4 (coffee / default cat), 3 (Tea and Coffee / Parent Cat), 1 (Root): Incorrect default category after product import update to change category: If I manually change the default category to Coffee, then the product breadcrumb updates and displays the category correctly: Correct product breadcrumb after changing default category manually: Once again, your help is appreciated in advance. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong?
  19. Hi I've heard back from one of the TB developers. They are a bit swamped at the moment, and will contact you when they're ready. Could be a while though - weeks to months. Thought I'd mention. Thanks again 🙂
  20. Theo


    Ok awesome! I've reached out to the developer and he is willing to donate! I've created a new thread for this
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