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Stable version please ?!


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The stable version is actually going to be released today. Hopefully there are as few bugs as possible, that is what we are shooting for. Its a tough go though. A lot of the codebase was written by interns or just people with a general lack of understanding how programming works. We have tried to replace all of the major areas that have caused problems and reduced support to only secure versions of php since this is a software that does handle finnacial transactions.

At the same time we are adding features, something other platforms can learn something from.

I do think there will be bugs, there is too much code for there not to be small bugs. But we have introduced hotpatching to take care of those bugs. I do however think that our first release will validate payments, where it takes other platforms 5 versions before they can figure that issue out.

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@mdekker my question is simple: when does the stable version will be released ? I don't understand why you ask for whom I work as it is unrelated to my need: I want a eCommerce CMS to start a project -__-

You know me, and you know I'm not a troll: if you dont want to answer, close the topic :/

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