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<Solved> How to delete test orders?


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@Baarssen I'll check it out. Thanks for the note about getting the version for PS 1.6 @SLiCK_303 Always a good idea to show modules first, please, before having to edit code. :) Code and I are not the best of friends.

That module is from one of my fave developers - Vekia. :)

I installed it and I entered the two test order numbers I wanted to delete and clicked the trash can but they are still there. I cleared the cache and they are still there. That was Chrome. Then I tried FF and they are still there.

Any ideas (besides overrides. lol)?

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@alwayspaws But please note that it doesn't properly delete the orders (and I think also not the stock - did you check whether it replenishes the stock?).

See this post: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/793/suggestion-delete-orders-directly-in-the-backend

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@30knees I looked at the post you referenced before replying here.

I did check my stock but it did not affect it because the tests were just to test part of the functionality of the Amazon login and pay. Those test orders were done by Amazon tech-support. They did not pay for the orders.

I’m happy with this solution but if it was a real order that was seen through to the end, I’d want to remove it myself to check inventory.

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