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Impossible to upload any theme



When i try to upload a theme in 1.06 i get the message: incorrect/bad configuration file.

It doesnt matter what theme i use. Also when i do the procedure by ftp (zip file). I also unzipped it and zipped it again. No luck.

I tried several themes, including warehouse 3.8.6 and 3.8.7

Any idea what i do wrong?


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I have the same problem on TB 1.0.6 on my Linux server. It says Bad configuration file. However, when uploading the same exact theme file to TB 1.0.6 on my windows server (WAMP) it works perfectly. @Traumflug - any way to debug what's causing this?

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@Baarssen @Traumflug Found the problem. Edit controllers/admin/AdminThemesController.php Change: $xmlFile = $sandbox.$themeDir.'/config.xml'; to $xmlFile = $sandbox.$themeDir.'/Config.xml';

That's Config with a capital C.

Hope this helps. :)

On git: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/579

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