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[Free Module] advdebug - enable debug mode per user


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Build-in debug mode is a very useful tool, but it's not recommended to turn it on in production because it can leak sensitive information about your website.

This free module is here to help you with this shortcoming, as it allows you to enable debug mode only for specific sessions. This module creates secret url, and anyone who access your site via this url will browse with debug mode enabled.

This way, you (or anyone you share this url with) will have access to debugging information, yet your normal visitors will not be affected.

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Yep, when you install this module, saving 'Debug mode' from AdminPerformance no longer works. That's because this module overrides the mechanism completely.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to do that in tb core, so I had to do that 'by force'

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Hm interesting. Cause somehow this felt a little different before I upgraded to bleeding edge. I normally got en exception when mixing both. Not sure, why this behaviour is a bit different now. But anyway it's not a big deal 😊

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