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Issue with 1.08 and Warehouse theme



After update to 1.08, my css multi-line text boxes from warehouse modules no longer work. They are input in format:

.header-container.inline-header.alt-cart {
    box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #000000 !important;

After clicking save button, they are reformatted to:

.header-container.inline-header.alt-cart {\r\n    box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #000000 !important;\r\n}

Also, when I attempt to use their content creator module, I get 500 errors on save.

I did not get either error in 1.07. Warehouse theme has not changed.


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Yes, on the old forum.
According to my developer, definitely TB related, and something done with the 1.0.8 update, as I was on 1.0.7 before.
He said the below text, and told me to inquire about the change, but I'm not sure what the exact issue is at this point in time.
He might help me diagnose the exact issue at a later date, but he thought the developers would know what the problem was.
I did not receive a response after I posted this on my other thread, but I think everybody was busy with the forum change.



The core (TB) API changed it's API

likely this module isn't specifying that it doesn't want 'blah' escaped

And they required later that modules do that

They'll likely be able to tell you deeper info about what to change

that you should relay to me

and we can get it done

we can also just look in the module and figure it out

but I'm lazy

and let's be honest

it's really easy to just update global.css



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Perhaps I was not clear enough in my last post.
The workaround we used was to simply bypass the css boxes in the warehouse modules and add the css code directly to global.css
If I ever have him look at the module to find out more, I will post about it, but we might just keep adding the css code directly...he seems to think it's easier. lol

The issue actually ended up removing my entire menu on, specifically, mobile, for 2 weeks without me knowing due to how I had my menu css setup.

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