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I am a bit puzzled about the product dimension, which you can define under Shippment in the BO. In switzerland we do this like that: "Länge * Breite * Höhe". Translated into english this would be "Length * Width * Height". A possible alternative would probably be "Length * Width * Depth". 

But in the backoffice it's like: "Width * Height * Depth". Does this make any sense in GB/USA? From my german perspective "Height" and "Depth" are the same, but length is missing 🤨

I know of course that the order of mulitplication doesn't matter. But I wan't to display this information in the FrontOffice. So I want to use them correctly.

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I never had a problem with this, nor to be confusing 🙂

From my point of view I see it like this - Wow your TV is so Wide, what's total depth of it with stand mounted? 🙂

BO Width = Lenght of the package

BO Height = Height of the package

BO Depth = Width of the package

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