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Possible bug: Amount not updated for BO updates


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I am quite sure that, it is not a bug, but bad design. The ps was designed, that every order is paid during checkout. As well they are kind of expecting, that an order doesn't get changed.

I know, that my answer isn't really helpful. I am voting for years, for a better way of handling this. But it's very hard to achieve. The concequences are hard to forseen. For the payment case, I believe that a payment module should call a hook, so the amount get's corrected...

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Thanks wakabayashi.

From a technical point of view, it seems a straight forward update of the order payment.

Did you mean maintaining the order total history when you think of consequences?

Count me in if we need to analyze to fix this.

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IMO you need to integreate APIs/Hooks for payment modules. If you edit an order, you can not just assume, that the paid value has changed. In practice there are multiple cases. Sometimes there happens a refund, sometimes the order hasn't been paid at all at this point.

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My bad. Posted to wrong section.

Intention was to reply to thread where missing add product buttons were.

But regarding not updatedinvoice if product added to order, i've never had an issue and i do change a lot of orders ehen cudtomer decides they wanted some more products.

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The issue is that the invoice shows the original amount on the left in the payment information box while the bottom total would be the updated amount. Especially a problem with COD if amount is collected based on the invoice.

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That's true.

In current state I get following 500 exception If I add negative value of payment (like Payment refound -5€)

Decoded exception

Property Order->total_paid_real is not valid

in file classes/ObjectModel.php at line 1058
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Just checked back with core updater.

How I tested.
Changed status to payment accepted.

Added 10€ discount

Added negative payment -10€ as refound


Negative value in payment last working state was on 1.0.1 version and PS 1.6.24.

From 1.0.2 and above 500 error is throwing out


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Ah I finally understand how you handle it. Yeah this makes actually sense. 😊

Bad that it's not working as expected 😅 

In my use case the problemlays a bit deeper, as my orders often aren't paid when the order gets placed... And you can not add an order with payment amount=0

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