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Feedback request for second-hand bookshop

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Dear All,

I have been operating a second-hand children's bookshop for a couple of years. The site is My Children's Books. Over the last year, we have a fairly good conversion rate for the target market. 

We are doing quite well with the search engines and have a few good quality backlinks. I would welcome any suggestions for boosting traffic and increasing the conversion rate. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards,


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Hi Wakabayashi,

Thanks for taking the time to have a look. I didn't realise that there were two fonts until you pointed this out. I had to use a different module for the pricing as it displays a price range. I will try to fix that.

You are probably right about the icons. The QR-Code came with the theme and I do wonder about the usefulness of it.  Perhaps I should disable it. 





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5 minutes ago, lukewood said:

You are probably right about the icons. The QR-Code came with the theme and I do wonder about the usefulness of it.  Perhaps I should disable it. 

Yeah, if you also don't know exactly why this is important for your customers, I would deactivate it. The more features, the more confusion pointes for your customer.

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1 hour ago, netamismb said:

Nice theme! I like the rightbar - i think is very useful for desktop users. May I ask which theme is it? Just a small observation, on copyright the year is not updated.

I believe it is the Panda theme. Fab! And you do have to manually update the copyright date

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Two points

Could you reduce clicks-to-buy somehow?  If someone starts on the front page of your shop, they see pictures for categories which are all pretty, but they're not books. Could you compare with other book shops to see if any can somehow reduce the clicks to buy? 


...is a starting point for googles' view of schema.org data. You've got the ISBN in the url which is great but their spider is still looking for it in the text, maybe where your theme expects any kind of bar code. The publisher's label could go where your theme expects "brand". I don't know about "review"; whether google expects the condition of the book or standard reviews of the content,  but you could look for ideas on other shops. There's loads of publishing industry data that might be squeezed-in somewhere - even the authors' date of birth - as well as sample pages from the book.

I'm interested and will follow the thread. My partner has printed some books about music history on the Musonix.co.uk site aka the Musonix.com and Musonix Publishing; I need to do a web shop for him.

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Sorry, I somehow missed the later responses. I don't know how I missed the alerts. 

Yes, it is the Panda theme. I have updated the copyright. Thanks for that.

@veganline, you raised some very interesting points regarding reducing clicks to buy. I definitely need to look into that.

I also looked at using the manufacturer/brand for the publisher and author. We are uploading a thousand books at a time using the CSV import function so I was worry about creating duplicate entries.  

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