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lGoogle Customer Reviews Modul recommendation?


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I am looking for a

Google Customer Reviews Modul

recommendation. I am a big fan of Datakick's Rewvs but I need to increase my shop's recommendations for ! google. Best practice for us is to collect these during xmas sales.

What module do you use or what service?

I am intending to use a module that feeds google directly instead another parasitic service like Trustedshops, eKomi etc.

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You are absolutely right 30knees with that. But we are talking about different reviews. There is product and shop reviews that do matter.

The first is handled perfectly via Datakick Revws but I am additionally interested in the later.


The cheapest module for Prestashop (V1.7 😞 ) I found was around 30 Euros. So no big deal I surely I would prefer to pay Datakick for an enhancement of his module that could do this too.

But at the moment it cant so I am looking for a recommendation that can 🙂 feed Google customer reviews.


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