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Couple of issues with Warehouse and php8


Obviously as support for Warehouse for PS1.6 is gone we have to fiddle with it:

I have 2 issues as of now:

  1. ThirtyBeesException

Attempt to modify property "value" on null
when rendering smarty template themes/warehouse/modules/blockcart/blockcart.tpl

Source file: themes/warehouse/modules/blockcart/blockcart.tplimage.png.f5d536996781a50f03867fe4b815e7f5.png

2. In BO I have this popup:

Warning on line 217 in file modules/revsliderprestashop/revprestashoploader.php
[2] Undefined array key 1

Any recommendations? Latest PS1.6 WH version, php8.0, bleeding edge TB.

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Since I am plan to restart my shop with Musicmasters migration tool and warehouse on TB I am asking if it would be possible to create a sub forum for working or generally used themes with TB like Warehouse.


(Last time I wanted to build my shop with warehouse I found in Sunny's forum some posts about postfixes and some patches for TB as far as I remember. So it would be perfectly helpful if those tips would be gathered here in a subforum.)

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