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Can't login, or keep.



Everytime I try to add items to my cart, and add another one, it kicks the first item out. 
Also, when I log in, it just repeats the login screen - never letting me log in. 

I've had a huge drop in orders this past weekend (none), and I'm wondering if this is the issue..

The only thing I've changed is adding combinations to items - but orders have placed since then.

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1 hour ago, toplakd said:

Have you tried from another browser, or another computer / phone.

As I can add bountyhuntertoys items to the cart without any problems.

Your store works for me as well. Adding products into cart works properly. I also tried to login as a customer, without any issues.

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Thanks for checking guys. 
It would seem on two laptops, I was having the issues - and only with chrome browsers for some reason. 
Home PC, wife's laptop, two phones, all worked. 

It's been resolved now. 

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