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Is there a way to stop bots from flooding the stats?



Hello everyone.  I get a crazy amount of bots that do not seem to be blocked by the excellent blackhole plugin from Datakick.  I also used a free PS plugin, byebyebots which is supposed to block all bots from being registered in connections but it works with user agents.
Recently, I have been flooded with 'visitors' which all have similar ip's (see attachment) and it is so ridiculous as to render the stat module quite frankly useless.  I do not need an exact numbering but these bots activity is intense.

I used to use the Analytics, but it is cumbersome and somewhat affected by bots, though on a lesser extent.

Matomo was nice but for some reason is highly untable with my system - I might go back to that with 1.5 when I finish testing but just curious if there is something people do to have the stats module somewhat usable.


Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 6.31.19 AM.png

Screen Shot 2023-10-31 at 6.31.54 AM.png

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