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Suggestion: Delete orders directly in the backend


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It's odd that orders can't be deleted nicely from the backend, so they're purged from the database.

The method suggested here doesn't clean up the database properly: http://www.seowebmaster.ch/en/how-to-delete-orders-on-prestashop/

``` We enter the Orders menu and then we can access the order that we want to be deleted

In the address bar we have the URL that will be similar to this:


We locate the label vieworder, we replace it with deleteorder and we press Return. We’re done!


``` Vote for the suggestion here: https://thirtybees.com/suggestions/delete-orders-cleanly-from-the-backend-and-the-database/

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There are modules to delete orders for PS, but I believe this free version leaves things behind.

At least that is what I read, don't know for certain since I didn't know where to check.

I had it installed on an earlier TB and it worked fine.


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I am revisiting this question. I got some spam orders from people who apparently just wanted to test the order process and entered nonsense names and addresses.

What is the best way to delete such orders AND restock the products?

This is such a basic functionality. I do not understand how it is not in the system.

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