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Bank Wire resend email does not display bank information



When using Bank Wire as payment, the 1st email sending to the customer is displayed correctly with the bank information that have been configured. However re-sending the email to the customer in the order admin to remind the customer to pay, will not display the bank information correctly, but just placeholders in form of {bankwireowner}, {bankwiredetails} and {bankwire_address}. The amount is displayed correctly. Is this a known issue?

Thanks and regards, Tin Ho

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that is great news since I stumbled today over this bug.

Not so good news is that the patch seems not to help. I fetched and pulled the whole bankwire git from and copied it directly via FTP over the old files. The problem of not filling the variables remain in the sent emails. Then I reset / deinstalled / installed the module again but to no hope. At least the issue is not solved for an existing order. And btw, I noticed the issue also for an order we created via backoffice.

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This seem to have gone worse :(

That is very bad news since it is the 2nd native payment module that needs attenion and causes problems. And we are in Xmas sales :(

I just had a customer on phone and created for her a backoffice order. Payment option of course "bankwire" and status set to "Awaiting transfer" (or so, you know which one).

The variables are still empty. So, I have problem to make backoffice orders via bankwire.

Moreover, if a customer checked out normally via bankwire then variables are filled. But not, if we make use of the resend function in backoffice. This is very much needed in order to catch all those customers who forget to ttransfer (PS: I am looking aof an automation of this^^).

Bottom line, it still does not work.

please have a close look at this module again. I am really in need of working payment modules and can not daily check if all went fine.

PS: I installed (.zip) the latest module from Git.

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