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Add tracking pixels to custom checkout


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Can someone give me a hint of how to add Google AdWords and Facebook tracking pixel to a custom order confirmation page?

Either by adding the scripts. I have also noticed dh42 got free modules for this but I guess these will just end up at the regular order confirmation page.

I know where to find the custom order confirmation page in modules folder but do not understand how I can get them there?

Thanks in advance

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Thank you for your answers.

I have been searching for commercial modules too but haven't found any that I know will work.

But wouldnt it be possible to just add the JavaScript to the custom order confirmation page? But I don't know where to add it? In .tpl? In .js? Or in another page?

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You can just add it to the tpl file. It won't be clean, but will work. Remember that is you have curly braces in your js code, you will have to wrap it inside {literal}.......{/literal} Also make sure you are editing the correct file, because you might have a version loaded from the template folder and not the root module folder. Good luck.

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I use a PS module to integrate Tag Manager... It comes with files to import: https://addons.prestashop.com/de/analysen-statistiken/27146-premium-google-tag-manager.html

With retargeting I still have problems, but the rest (especially conversion tracking in Adwords) is working for me...

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