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I have installed this. It does not stop them all right away but it seriously curbed the problem in our shop over time.


You need to download and install the script version, not the plugin (which is for wordpress). The script version works with any server and configuration.

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@movieseals where/how did you end up adding steps 4 and 5?

edit: however you did it, it's not working right. I should be able to goto your site: /blackhole, then it shows me that blackhole screen, then if i go back to the root of your site, it should block me. It doesn't block me, so it's not working right.

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I tried to upload screen grabs to show you where to put it in the HTML block module, but I apparently do not have the permission to do that.

The module is configured to allow you to put any HTML or PHP wherever on the page. So one line goes to all headers, and the other goes to all footers and you are good to go. It is really not hard and I have very little know how or technical skills in that regard.

However, if datakick turns it into a module, it will rock!, of that I am sure.

However, to be clear, it does not stop everything all the time. It curbs the robots attacks over time. It can take a few days to see the results. You will get a lot of bots at first, then it slows down. We used to have hundreds of fake carts a day, now we have a couple once every few weeks. Eventually, you catch them all and things get slowly back to normal.

Don't expect a miracle on first install. It has to do its job.

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@drmasterchief See my answer above. It has to be on all files. If you have an HTML module, you can tell it to put the code on the header of every page and the same for the footer. It is not hard or difficult. I wanted to add pictures but the system will not let me.

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Here's the module. To use it, you need to

1) install it 2) edit robots.txt and add following lines User-agent: * Disallow: /blackhole/

That's it. Module will add hidden nofollow link to blackhole destination to all your frontend pages. Any well-behave bot should ignore this link (if you have correctly set up robots.txt). Bad bots will eventually open this link, and they'll immediately get banned.

You can try its functionality yourself by navigating to www.yourdomain.com/blackhole/ address. Your ip address will be added to blacklist, and you won't be able to access the site anymore.

At the moment there isn't any mechanism to remove address from blacklist - you'll need either reset module, or directly remove record from db table PREFIX_blackholebots_blacklist

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