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Prestashop very bad performance in backoffice, is ThirtyBees for me? 8000 categories, 500 products


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Hey guys, first time post.

Writing out of desperation, hopefully there are kind souls on this forum able to help.

Main question: if I switch to ThirtyBees, will it solve the performance problems I have with Prestashop?

Keep on reading for details...

My current setup:

  • Prestashop for almost a year
  • 8000 categories and 500 products (yes you read that right, more categories than products)
  • Vultr VPS, 1 CPU/1GB RAM
  • Low load, 50 visits per day. Maybe 100 visits on a lucky day!

I'm constantly adding products, within a year I will have 10k+ products. Within two years I will most likely have 20k-40k products.

VPS is running just fine (no heavy load) even though it is a very basic Vultr VPS. I can upgrade it anytime I want, that is not an issue.

Frontend is ok (not the best but workable and enough to get me customers). The problem is that back office is extremely slow.

When I log in to the back office and click around it is ok response time, but clicking on on a specific product it takes 20-40 seconds to load the product page. I mean, WTF?!?

I really do not see how this is even possible unless the architects/developers have totally messed things up when creating the software.

Apparently the problem stems from having too many categories in the db, this is a known issue with Prestashop and a reported bug. But it never seems to be fixed.

Now, I'm willing to move over to any other ecommerce platform, it does not matter if it costs money or is open-source and free. I just need it to work. I was looking at ThirtyBees and since I'm used to Prestashop I thought that ThirtyBees could be an easy step forward.

Any ideas? Does ThirtyBees have the same problem as PrestaShop for that many categories and products? I need to have a system running with 10k categories and at least 10k products.

Thankful for any reponse.

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Huh? Ten times more categories than products? How can this work out? To me this sounds like there's a need for layered navigation. Only a few categories, but products equipped with Product Features, then building a couple of filters to allow customers finding their thing.

Regarding back office speed, thirty bees is usually reported to be pretty quick there. Easiest was to find out whether that's still true in your specific case is to do a test installation. Can happen in a subfolder of your current shop. Just create such a subfolder, unpack thirty bees in there and install as usual by adding the subfolder name to your shop URL.

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I do not have as many categories as you do but I do have over 30K products. We have a similar setup server wise. TB has been a major improvement speed wise for me, both backend and front end wise. There is also ways to improve backend speed via htaccess. I used to have the problem you describe with PS. Another thing to help yourself is switch from standard mysql to MariaDB, that was a 10% speed gain on both ends for me. Make sure you use Barracuda as file system and that all your tables are InnoDB. That helps a lot too - some modules use MySlAm - you need to convert them to InnoDB.

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@Traumflug Likely he sells something like car parts where the same parts are used on hundreds of different cars or models and for SEO reasons there is a landing page / category for each manufacturer.

But yes, thirty bees should be faster, the migration from 1.7 will need to be done with our partner cart2cart.

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Thank you very much for all your responses.

@Traumflug I sell mobile accessories and gadgets so it is kind of what @lesley wrote: one mobile gadget (one product) can be in multiple categories. E.g. one pair of headphones can be found in many different categories: Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and so on.

Regarding the test installation in a separate folder: can I use the db as is from Prestashop or do I actually have to migrate the data to be able to test ThirtyBees out with the products/categories that I have? If I can just install ThirtyBees in a separate folder and "plug it in" and use the exact same db as I currently have then that would be sweet. I want to check the installation with the same amount of products/categories as I have today for comparison in speed.

@movieseals Thanks for the tips. I just feel that the awfully long delays when clicking on a product in backoffice feels very wrong even for a default installation (without any performance tweaks). Even without tweaking for performance it should not behave like that. Everything else in backoffice is way faster than the product page so somehow that specific link triggers some very badly designed operations.

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@Briljander Yes of course. But I was just curious whether the db structure is fine as it is so I do not need to have anything modified to be able to just put ThirtyBees "on top" and run it on the exact same database. But I assume it is possible so I'll give it a try.

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