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Creation of WikiPedia Entry for thirty bees


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  • 7 months later...

This page no longer exists and the user inetbiz has been marked for deletion for violation of wikipedia rules. I noticed he changed the PrestaShop page on 28th November from Free to Freemium.

It might be worth getting that page updated.

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@mdekker I don't understand any of that text lol. I agree it's VERY hard to get anything changed on there but you can and some of it does stick. I see approx 500-1000 hits from Wiki to one of my sites a month, which is why I still see benefit in it.

@lesley I wonder if it was that guy who had his posts deleted.

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Agreed, Wikipedia has its own mindset. A mindset which isn't always obvious to mere humans. I'm occasionally participating there and as such, gained a few privileges. Not much, but something. And I also engaged in a couple of deletion battles, which gives a lot of insight into how these Wikipedians think and act. On top of that, distinct language wikis also come with somewhat distinct mindsets.

In German Wikipedia it's perfectly fine to have unfinished pages in user space, as long as it doesn't stretch the ruleset too much (e.g. by being straight advertising or a pure link collection or a copyright violation).

As @DavidP says, having a WP page has quite some benefits. Wikipedia kind of defines what's relevant and also what's true these days. About everybody looks there, first.

A few keys for success:

  • The stated ruleset for page content is extremely important there, no exceptions.
  • Look at what deleters say. They always give a reason. If not, it's a ruleset violation which can be challenged.
  • Put some love into it. A few quickly jotted down sentences is the last thing Wikipedians want to see. They love their Wikipedia, so they want to see this love respected, e.g. with carefully crafted sentences.
  • Wikipedians are very well aware that a whole lot of people create pages not to make Wikipedia a better place, but to boost them selfs or to advertise their shit. They hate it and act accordingly.

That said, I can't find this page in the deletion logs. User Inetbiz was created in 2010, its user page deleted in 2015 for advertising. Sub-page thirty_bees exists, but has a one-edit history only. Wikipedia never forgets, so where is this page?

User pages are fine for drafting and development, but they don't show up in search engines. To get an article into the regular space, its subject has to be notable. What that means? See the ruleset: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability(software) and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Softwarenotability

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