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Customer Service -> IMAP Settings



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With PS this syncronizes all mails from this account to the shop. I got situation when this mailbox outside PS was so big that there wasn't enough place in shop. And then the syncronize process paralyzed whole shop. So I need to go in SQL table to change settings. But with TB this syncronize doesn't do this. I have no idea what syncronization this TB does. I just played with this some days ago.

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Yes, I starts. It does something, but I have no idea what. Because the result is that nothing visible is changed. There are no new emails (I have access to this mailbox from mail client also) not in TB or not in this mailbox. But right now mail on TB are different to mails in this mailbox.

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Hi,  we had such strange behaviour with PS 1.6.x,  i tried to use it and saved date, then the complete system crashed and PS does not a thing anymore,  BO was dead....   Only the reset of database part was helpful, so maybe be careful  --  but not sure if tb uses this in the same way.

We have to handle the mails in an other system, so never tried this in tb. 

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We use use the Customer Service IMAP settings.

It was our understanding that the Button allowed to manually import/synch with the email on our server.


We thought if we exchanged email traffic with customers outside of the TB Customer Service platform but via our Server, the Synch option ensured the external emails couls be successfully 'pulled in' to Customer Service.

Is this wrong?


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I tried to improve it a bit: https://github.com/eschiendorfer/thirtybees/commits/ImproveImapSync

There was a bug. It was not possible that your order messages got updated in the customer service trough IMAP Sync. I fixed this.

Probably I will make PullRequest soon. If somebody has any issues/improvement ideas for customer service, it's time to bring them up now.

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I regret we do not use the Multistore function yet ourselves.

On a separate note, we find messages sent from User's Mobiles (especially iPhone) displaying complete formatting code eg:

........................@media screen and (max-width:300px){
#yiv0828342493 body {
width:218px !important;margin:auto !important;}
#yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table {width:195px !important;margin:auto !important;}
#yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493logo, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493titleblock, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493linkbelow, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493box, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493footer, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493space_footer{width:auto !important;display:block !important;}
#yiv0828342493 span.yiv0828342493title{font-size:20px !important;line-height:23px !important;}
#yiv0828342493 span.yiv0828342493subtitle{font-size:14px !important;line-height:18px !important;padding-top:10px !important;display:block !important;}
#yiv0828342493 td.yiv0828342493box p{font-size:12px !important;font-weight:bold !important;}
#yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap table, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap thead, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap tbody, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap th, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap td, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap tr {
display:block !important;
#yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap{width:200px!important;}
#yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493table-recap tr td, #yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493conf_body td{text-align:center !important;}
#yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493address{display:block !important;margin-bottom:10px !important;}
#yiv0828342493 .yiv0828342493space_address{display:none !important;}
} .................................

Several email exchanges with clients can then result in a large amount of Form real estate being used.

This is not generally an issue, just a tiny inconvenience.

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Hi, I'm finally trying to utilize the IMAP feature for customer service. I believe it's configured correctly, but I'm not seeing any responses that were made from my desktop client flow in. As I understand it, this should enable IMAP for the message so that if I respond from an email client with the imap account enabled, the response should flow back into TB. It's not happening.

Am I wrong in this assumption?

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On 9/12/2023 at 2:23 AM, the.rampage.rado said:

I'm not sure you can use TB (or PS in that matter) as true email client.

IMAP is used as email protocol only.

If you send an email through TB's BO then you will have to continue the email chain in a separate email client.

I think my question was misunderstood. I'm simply asking how it's supposed to work when IMAP is enabled, because I don't see that it's doing anything. Here is the situation:

  • I have a store contact in TB called 'Customer Service' with a dedicated email address, info@mystore.com
  • When someone submits the contact form, it adds to the customer service thread in TB and also sends the same message via email to info@mystore.com that we respond to via third party email client with IMAP enabled on our web host.
    • This has worked fine for me for a long time
  • If I respond to this thread in the back office, then if customer replies back the thread links the records.
  • If I respond to this thread via my email client, the response never makes it back to TB, as I would expect.
  • I recently enabled IMAP in customer service to see if this would change anything. My hope was that it would pull my email thread with the customer from the email client via web host IMAP, back into TB and associate it. So far it has not.

So, if it doesn't do what I explained in the last bullet, then what is it's purpose since I was already getting the emails sent to me automatically and nothing ever auto-flags the email thread as closed. It takes manually going into TB back office and clicking closed.


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