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What PHP version do you use


What php version do you use  

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  1. 1. What php version do you use

    • php 5.6
    • php 7.0
    • php 7.1
    • php 7.2
    • php 7.3
    • php 7.4
    • other

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2 minutes ago, cienislaw said:

just checked my provider and php 5.6 is still available, but default is set to 7.3. 5.6 is 6 and a half years old, if someone still uses it, better have good reason to do that.

Unfortunately a lot of merchants have 'If it works then don't touch it' approach, which is understandable to some extent.

Also, they might still use old tb version, ie. 1.0.4, which is not fully php 7 compatible. 

But php 7 will be a hard requirement for new release

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I'm using 7.4 since datakick commited most of the changes needed for 7.4 and I don't have any issues with it. Some notifications here and there, and it just works.

And I always run latest bleeding edge, mostly update live shop 2-3 days after it shows up in core updater.

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My two cents on this. 


Keep the core updater working with 5.6 for a couple of years. That way people can still upgrade. But add php version detection into the core updater to alert people of php version issues. 

IE `Upgrading will require you to change your php version` with a link to the docs on how to change it on common systems like plesk, cpanel. 


Then also adding a post flight page after an upgrade. That checks for the php version before the system is ran, if its not a supported version give them a clean page notice, with another link to the docs about how to upgrade their php version. 


Nothing is more frustrating than upgrading and coming up against a 500 error. Especially one that could be easily caught and a pretty page / message displayed. 

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Absolutely agree with you, @lesley. Core update needs to perform some additional checks. I will also make core updater work more autonomously, without the need for running store. This will allow us to revert to working version in case store is broken after upgrade. That shouldn't happen, but  it will sometimes, I'm sure 🙂

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