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  1. normally the invoice is created directly after the payment, so yes that could be the problem if you disable that function. With the order management module you can modify the order also after that point. Only when the delivery slip is created you cant modify anymore. Maybe that helps for you if you change that order back to the normal situation.
  2. has this something to do with the order management module which allows to modify the orders(from globosoftware)? Because you mentioned in your first post something about modifying. Or could it be something with caching.
  3. thats a strange bug, did you solve it already?
  4. no it is already in your market i think you will have to empty your browser cache or do you want the search under your cart? In that case i cant help you., but i think others can
  5. It is already in your market maybe clear your browsercache
  6. 90% of the ps modules just work out of the box. Some need a littke change. Also some need some theme related changes if youre going to use another theme but thats in the same way as on PS. I do have a lot of PS modules(dont use them all the time) and i have tested almost 40 paid modules. I only have 4 modules who needed some extra attention. But they all work!
  7. Baarssen


    Can you tell us more how you figured it out, because i am sure more people are facing this (i see multiple questions about it on PS forum)
  8. I have that module from Globosoftware, and it works on my shop
  9. dat is inderdaad een goeie die had ik eerst naar een helpentrum verwezen, maar dat is opgeheven. Niet eens in de gaten gehad, dus bedankt voor je melding!
  10. Sendcloud werkt inderdaad prima, zeer tevreden mee ook.
  11. ik heb een bestellingkje bij je gedaan ivm het slagen van mn zoon. :)
  12. yes i did, several times. But it costed me too much time. After 3 fails i bought this module(whish i did it earlier :) )
  13. but visual composer gives merchants more headache ;)
  14. i stopped checking(received .ru mails by the contactform. I now implemented the math module from mediacom, that works ok.
  15. even after 15 hrs it fails. After entering the credentials with the site key the captcha button appears, affter entering the secret key it dissapears.
  16. thats what i already did, several times. I will test it tomorrow again, the keys are already used on other domains which work. So either i am doing something wrong or there is some kind of issue i guess
  17. when trying to install this module i am facing the following problem. When entering the keys the captcha check box dissapears after entering the second key. I cant check it so the configuration cannot be saved. Its odd because on previous installs it works fine.
  18. @pedalman said in Onepage Check-out like presta 1.7: I know that Presteamshop.com developed an OPC modul that supports ThirtyBees: https://www.presteamshop.com/en/modules-prestashop/one-page-checkout-prestashop.html Perhaps someone has the ressources to buy, test and comment on it. I use this, on prestashop and thirtybees. I also have used the knowband opc. Thatone has regular issues (for example creditcard payment doesnt work) The OPC of presteamshop is working without any troubles, and their support is extremely fast! I can recomend this module/developer PS. It doesnt mean that Knowband is bad, they also solve their issues, but Presteamshop is realy responding superfast, and they work till its solved. I only wanted some changes in css and some personal things to be changed. It surprised me how quick they were
  19. normally it changes automaticly
  20. Quote: If I was Mersedes seller it would be akward if I would drive arround with DACIA. I sell paint, but i dont like to paint ;) Ofcourse the data protection and the rights of our customers who pay our daily bread is very important, but you cant say 1 module fixes everything for every type of business. It always takes energy to make your business compliant with the help of 1 or more modules and all the actions that are required for your type of business according to the size of your business and the way you act with data. What will i do: I only do the strict visible things what are required and in the mean time i watch and learn from what happens with the big boys and how they solve this. Even the EU government does not know how to handle everything. But i am from 1 thing certain: if you make a mess from the privacy of your customers, and they are going to complaint about it you will be crusified ;)
  21. ooh yes @DRMasterChief you are very right. Its indeed also in Prestashop. Well i dont have problems with the footer in those emails because i only frequently use the new order mail, and thatone is only send to me :) So its ok the way it is for me.
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