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My site has finally launched !


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Greetings to all,

It's been a lot of work but I've finally launched my Thirtybees website yesterday !

I can't thank everyone enough for this platform which has been nothing short of amazing for me. The TB staff has been exceptional and always helped when I needed it, same for the community which I have seen growing everyday.

I started checking for an e-commerce solution about 2 weeks before the very first TB version. I've been lucky to jump on board at the very start, with the first release and have no regrets at all. TB is the best thing that happened in my professional life last year :-)

If anyone care to take a look, you can view my website at https://www.quebec-amerique.com/. I have yet to turn the cache ON since we released yesterday so it might look a little slow, but otherwise is working fine. We are selling books and ebooks and it has been a real challenge to make this work properly.

I sell only in Canada for now and the site is exclusively in french, sorry for that :-)

I hope this is not considered spamming, I was very excited to show you all what I did, especially since I modified the main theme completely.

You're welcome to give constructive comments, we are going to keep working and improve this site now that it's online.

Cheers ! Sylvain

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@davidp said in My site has finally launched !:

@ssimard I'd watch some of those titles, given the international visibility you're getting. I bring to question the Brathwaite - Isabelle Masse one.

Oh i'm just the programmer in the shop, we are an International book editing company, they choose the titles, not me ;-)

This one is not used in a pejorative way, Brathwaite is a well know comedian around here and he probably choose that title himself since it's his biography. He is a black man and probably wanted to play with words..

I see your concern but our company is very serious, there should be no problems with titles.

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Cool, thanks. I am planning a migration as well and I am unsure if starting from the default or a paid theme is the best way to go. I really do not need a lot of fuzz, prefer simplicity so maybe tuning the default theme is a good option.

If you have any lessons learned to shared from that work it would be super interesting to know. Something that caused you issues, or was easier than anticipated.

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I can confirm that's it's a lot of work to do. Not sure if you would be better starting from another theme or not, I pretty much jumped in TB at the first public release so the version of the theme I used was a bit older than what you have now.

For me the hardest has been to hack the suppliers into authors. Also selling PDF and ePubs of my book as variations was a nice puzzle.

If you like retina images, be aware that the default theme does not support them (or at least did not at first). You can search the forum for my threads on retina images, good advices and code examples for you to fix it.

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