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Anyone using the full page cache



I am trying to test the integrated full page cache of ThirtyBees. I heavily tested a module called ExpressCache in the past and while it performed incredibly in terms of speed it had some issues causing me to never be able to update it.

Having this feature integrated into the platform is an amazing idea so today I gave it a shot on the 1.0.4-RC1.

I have enabled the File System option in Server Side cache and then I use the default settings for controllers and for testing I checked everything to green for the modules.

The thing is that even after repeated tests, I am not seeing any difference. Lighthouse reports the exact same Performance score, load times there are unchanged. On webpagetest.org if anything the ttfb increased a bit compared to when I ran the tests without the full page cache activated.

Anyone has any idea, experience from using this? The instructions on the blog are quite clear and in the backoffice it looks ok. I am testing on a vanilla installation running the tests on the product page with a sample product.

0_1522242488118_Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 15.07.07.png

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@wakabayashi so I have rerun the test unchecking everything so the module boxes are red/pink.

I see a small change, about 100 msec in the TTFB on webpage test but that could be from natural fluctuations from day to day as well. The ttfb in general is a bit better (around 100msec) than my PS 1.5 installation and PS 1.7 but taking into account that my 1.5 installation is a live shop with much more things to load on the page, I am not sure the real difference in the end. The fastest ttfb I got for TB was around 450 msec and when I ran the ExpressCache module on the same hosting with my 1.5 shop I was below 100 msec (compared to around 550msec without the caching module).

The lighthouse performance score is identical regardless if the boxes are green or red.

Maybe I am missing something but I have reloaded the page many time navigating back and forth and I would assume this is what is causing the page to end up in the full page cache. Happy to test more if anyone has some ideas, I was just expecting to see a significant difference when activating this but again, perhaps I am doing something wrong.

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Would it be possible to get a clearer sort of explanation on how to set this up? Because with all the contradicting explanations, it makes the head spin for novices and the non initiated to caching intricacies. Speed is important in ecommerce and this is an important addition to the core. It deserves to be used to its full capacity. Which modules or blocks are dynamically loaded and what are the optimal settings need to be? It says on the blog that we can make the displayHeader blocks green for most items. Do we make them green or pink? Thank you.

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@the-rampage-rado I'm using full page cache and works fine with warehouse theme, this is my settings on performance page.

Template compilation: Never recompile template files Cache: Yes Cahing type: File System Clear cache: Clear cache everytime something has been modified

CCC: Enable All

Server Side Caching: Enable Caching system: Redis

Full Page Cache: Enable Controllers: bestsales, category, cms, contact, discount, index, manufacturer, newproducts, pagenotfound, pricesdrop, product, search, sitemap, supplier

Set hook to Green: Block Cart: displayTop Block User Info: displayTop

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