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Moving off Patreon


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As some of you might have noticed (or read the blog post yesterday) we are starting to move off of patreon in favor of our own system. We are going to use our forum as the base of the new system since it will allow a tighter integration with the systems we already have. It will also give us more control over your data and it will no longer be shared with third parties (Patreon). In addition to that, it will allow us to keep more of the donation amount as well, so we can put it to use making thirty bees bigger and better. 


The tighter integration is going to go a long way with the plans we have in the future. We are going to be able to automate the supporters.md file, supporters will now have custom flare on their posts in the forum. We also have a few other things in the pipeline as well, to make thirty bees more of a social, helpful ecommerce experience. One of them will be displaying developers modules that are in the thirty bees marketplace on their profiles. Like:




If you want to read the article, you can here, https://thirtybees.com/blog/twilighting-patreon/


Or if you want to test the new supporter platform out you can here, https://forum.thirtybees.com/support-thirty-bees/

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Today when I searched for the invoices to have for my accountant I couldnt find any invoices since december, also it says my subscription expired 11/1-2020 still I there have been withdrawals from Paypal each month to Thirtybees?

I need som kind of invoice to have in my books, even though the one brought here looks really bad and its not legal in my country its better than nothing.

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Because every country is different and every platform is different, its hard to satisfy everyone and every law. Things are in weird places sometimes, but they are there. Let me walk you through finding the invoices, because they are kind of difficult to find. 


Click the arrow next to your name and manage subscriptions, qPLhZML.png 


Then from there click on view purchase, FwNu8U0.png 


Then from there you will see a weird string at the bottom of the page called view billing agreement, click that link, s41LzEy.png  


Click that link and you can see all of the purchases you made. If you click into one you can download or print the invoices. sdO0LLP.png


Its all there, just is a weird spot. 

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Hi Lesley,

Hope your doing fine.

It doesnt look like that for me:


I did only find this "orderpage" cause I knew I had a link in an old email.

The invoices stopped coming after december and I havent canceled anything (the last canceled one is from this wednesday when I tried to figure out what was wrong).


But its still withdrawn from my Paypal:





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@Briljander Just so we are on the same page, have you been trying to cancel since december but you are still getting charged? I can see in our system and on the forum that you do not have the flair, so I am thinking that is the case. 

 SInce the forum is not open source there is only so much we can do with it, but what I suspect, if my earlier assumption is correct, is that when you cancelled it cancelled in the forum software, but it did not cancel the paypal billing agreement. 


Let me know if I am correct with this and I can refund you since december. Its nothing nefarious we are doing, we are just using forum software made by another company and doing our best with it it. 

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