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How about promoting TB all together?


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35 minutes ago, AndyC said:

What we need are themes,if sonnytoo doesn't update his themes we wont have any, as it is I can't update as there are to many things wrong.

This is very true. Both his and Warehouse themes are very well made but are getting old now and both developers refuse to update them. Which is not cool.

If we don't have new features (which is normal) we at least should somehow manage to update those themes to php8 standards so we can continue to work with them. Otherwise...

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I contacted a software company, I explained them I want to use thirty bees...

They told me that they would have evaluated the case of developing stuff for TB and give me an answer.

The result is that they searched TB on google trends, as the results on google trends are poor they said that at the moment they won't do it.....

So, yes, it is important to make "noise" about thirty bees, the more information about thirty bees is read around in internet the more TB might become of interest for developers.

Also it is important to write to developers and ask them to do stuff for TB, the more they get inquiries about TB the more they will be considering the chance to work on it.

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16 hours ago, AndyC said:

OK where in that post do you see me write that. All I said is we need themes. I'll leave it a that

From your post I understood that you think that is more important have themes. You didn't even mention the topic of this thread at all.
Are you suggesting of promoting TB contacting themes authors?

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Give visibility to TB and having themes are both important things, if not visible people do not come to know it, if visible but lacking of fundamental resources people do come to know it but may decide to drop it deeming it "hard to use".

It is clear that both aspects are very important.

Best thing would be to do "noise" to make it as visible as possible when at least some variants of the current default themes can be used to invite people to try a "customized basic version"?

Of course would be even much better if a new theme or more new themes can be offered....

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One of the strengths of PrestaShop is the number of developers and designers who manage to live from it.

This strength was built around and through a strong community, but that has been abandoned by PrestaShop for many years.

One element that has always been missing in PrestaShop is a centralized licensing system to avoid "piracy" of modules or themes.

In my opinion, this can be a feature that can allow developers to switch to a solution that can guarantee them recurring revenues.

Moreover, with a strong licensing system, we could allow trial periods to validate the choice of a module and thus reassure buyers who are often people without much development experience.

The fact that this management is centralized could allow to develop a more interesting marketplace and bring more income to the management structure of thirtybees.

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There's something odd about TB management structure they are not interested in the promotion of thirtybees. Everytime revenue ideas for the company gets mentioned they go quiet.

The owner funds tb out of his own shop success and for him it's probably a case of being able to run TB at less than the cost of having his own private dev team, plus the work benefits all of us not just him and for that we are grateful. It means he can push tb in the direction he wants it to go and if that works for all of us then lucky us, if not then hard luck.

But if there isn't a community of developers making money plus the business supporting itself then it will die the minute the owner gets bored with this or it no longer suits his business needs and that's a big risk for all of us.

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