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7 minutes ago, vincentdenkspel said:

@Mediacom87 on you site is stated : " Removal of compatibility with PrestaShop 1.5"

Is it a matter of time before compatibility for PS1.6 /TB also will be removed ?


If you know how to predict the future, I let you answer, personally, I don't have a crystal ball, I don't know how TB will behave with its code and even less if I will manage to keep compatibility with all versions of PrestaShop since 1.6.

I removed the compatibility with 1.5, 8 years after the release of the last version 1.5, I think I made enough effort to respect the users of this version, the others certainly made a thoughtful choice and certainly do not need my services to continue working.

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17 hours ago, Norwegian_Rat said:

Eric Jones

This sucker nerves me too 😂 If you are using cloudflare, you might want give "turnstile" a try. I have coded a thirtybees module for it:

I am using this module only since today. So I still will need to see, if it reduces the spammers...

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