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@spidawebs said in Clear Demo Data:


Here is the Prestashop Cleaner module in case anyone else finds it hard to track down like I did. Gets rid of all the sample data in Thirty Bees.

@administrators @mdekker @lesley Why are uploaded files showing up with incorrect file extensions? This zip file has a file extension of ".undefined".

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@roband7 said in Clear Demo Data:

I always use the command-line installer, it allows you to skip demo-data install, just include an option like: --step=database,theme,modules,addons_modules

@roband7 This would be helpful if we knew how to do it. I don't. We're a mixed group of techies, newbies, PS users and hopeful TB users.

Command line stuff needs to be further explained. Thanks for your input.

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I'm sure everyone has already seen that there is a "thirty bees cleaner" module now that does a great job of nuking all demo catalog, customer, and order data. (You can find it by searching for "cleaner" ind the modules section of 30bz.)

The top two options for deleting catalog data and order & customer data are pretty self explanatory.

However what do options 3 & 4 do? "functional integrity constraints" and "database cleaning". I hesitate to use them without knowing at least a little more about what they do...

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