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  1. if you only have 2 products then thirtybees is a bit overpowered i guess. Good point. Then a future goal could be to shape all this power into making it a no-brainer. Like people buying a smartphone with the processing capabilities of a supercomputer 20 years back just to make phone calls.
  2. I'm not talking about "him". I talk about thirty bees. Apparently thirty bees is too hard to use. Too complicated. Too unreliable. Whatever made "him" to choose another solution.
  3. He is in a big rush! In such situations one typically uses what one already knows. He undoubtly knows PS/30bz already, so Woocommerce is apparently waaaay easier to set up. And that should change, IMHO.
  4. While looking for something else I came across this https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/541316-incl-mwst-weg-zzgl-versand-weg-lieferzeit-doppelt-auf-startseite/?do=findComment&comment=2471174: PHP 7 steigt spätestens bei den Übersetzungen aus, da es die maxinputvars auf 1000 limitiert. PHP 7 trips over translations, because it limits max_input_vars to 1000.
  5. Der zweite Link ist ziemlich gut, vielen Dank. Da wird mal ein wenig die Ursache erörtert, nicht nur billiges Heftpflaster verteilt.
  6. Nice! Hmm. A Prestashop developer using Wordpress/Woocommerce for his own shop. :headscratch: Looks like 30bz still has a long way ahead.
  7. Regarding these three-digit carrier IDs we'd need a description on how to reproduce them. It looks like a bug, but one without a magic 'Fix Me' button. Could you try to describe what you did to get these? The more precise, the better. Developers can only fix what they see.
  8. Wow, 23 carriers and only 5 in use. Without looking at the code, my guess is that carriers never get really deleted, but marked as deleted in the database. This way they stay available for older orders, which used these no longer existing carriers back then. If you have no orders, yet, I see no reason to not delete them. Looking at the deleted flag in the tb_carrier table might give some insights.
  9. Prima, vielen Dank! Wenigstens mal Einer der bestätigt, dass es das Problem überhaupt gibt. Ich war schon kurz davor, das Github Issue einfach als erledigt zu markieren. Wenn das niemand reproduzieren kann, gibt es auch kein Problem. Jetzt werden wir wohl warten müssen bis sich mal jemand daran erinnert, wie und wo das Problem überhaupt auftaucht. Und das dann auch noch hier oder auf Github beschreibt.
  10. @alwayspaws I’ll leave it alone Right. By explaining why there's no reason for fear, we actually managed to establish such fear. Probably an unavoidable pattern of how humans work.
  11. if you have installed your shop in localhost/subfolder1 and then move it to subfolder2, you have to reflect this changes. Yes, after moving/renaming a folder one has to adjust this in Backoffice -> Preferences -> SEO & URLs -> Set Shop URL -> Base URI. Not needed for fresh installations. They'll work wherever one does this installation.
  12. All my installations are in subfolders without adjusting Apache. Shop URL then isn't http://localhost/, but http://localhost/subfolder/, of course. For evaluation and development entirely sufficient.
  13. Don't forget to clear the cache after editing files manually.
  14. thirty bees makes no efforts to escape it's environment and MacOS comes with a built in Apache, so using this should be safe. I'm just not sure how well it works, but trying will give answers. Undoing a 30bz installation is a simple as removing the folder and deleting the database.
  15. Eigentlich wollte ich gestern diese Macke im AEUC-Modul angehen, bei der irgendwie doppelte Texte erscheinen. Oder sowas Ähnliches. Selber habe ich das noch nie gesehen und ich kann es auch nicht reproduzieren, siehe https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/104#issuecomment-346155268 Deswegen wäre es grossartig, wenn mir jemand helfen könnte, diese Macke ans Tageslicht zu befördern. Man kann nur Macken beheben, die sich auch reproduzieren lassen. Es braucht wohl ein paar mehr Details, wie man zu diesen doppelten Texten kommt. Besten Dank für die Hilfe. Bildschirmfotos, Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen für einen frisch installierten Shop, alles ist willkommen. Reproduzierbarkeit muss her. Ähm, nicht bei Euch, sondern bei mir :-)
  16. I think it depends a bit on what the goal of this one-domain-per-country strategy is. It can be used to adjust offerings to local needs. To get this, there's multishop. As far as a quick research goes, language settings are for all shops together, but one can always choose browser's default language. Another one might be to deal with customer habits. They're simply used to type "es.myshop.com" over "myshop.es". In that case, multishop comes to the rescue, too, because it allows to set up many URLs for a single shop. They all get redirected to the main URL, then. Third possible choice is to establish a couple of .htaccess rules, redirecting from "es.myshop.com" to "myshop.com/es".
  17. Traumflug

    SEPA Instant

    For the non-Europeans among us, SEPA is "Single Euro Payments Area" and their bank wires work across the entire Euro-Zone, several countries, usually for free (or almost free, like € 0.30). Just this morning I found this announcement (in German language): https://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Instant-Payments-Startschuss-fuer-schnellere-SEPA-Ueberweisungen-3897021.html Very good news for merchants, IMHO. There's now a new form of bank wire which gets completed in not the usual day, but in a maximum time of 15 seconds. 15 seconds? Works currently not everywhere (both, sending and receiving bank have to participate), but this also means bank wires likely get a boost. Because it's reliable, because it's cheap and now also because it's fast. Bye bye money transfer fees.
  18. Will it get faster with caching enabled? Easiest way to find this out would be to turn caching on. Obviously.
  19. Glad to see you got this solved, @Boyd. It's not too surprising that even short passwords expose the problem, because passwords are stored encrypted and many encryption mechanisms generate an encrypted string of constant length. All the encryption stuff is in need of an overhaul anyways, because PHP 7.1 now officially deprecated the mcrypt extension, the current default encryption mechanism. And there are three different encryption mechanisms while two are sufficient (a non-reversible one for passwords and a reversible one for cookies and exception reports). This is tracked here: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/386
  20. Thanks for the report, @Boyd. Moved this to the bug reports section as it's obviously a bug. Please look at Backoffice -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance, there's a panel "Ciphering". What is set ciphering to (PHP Encryption or Rijndael or BlowFish)? Also, if you could share the password used it'd help debugging this.
  21. As @mdekker mentioned in the Github issue, such phone numbers potentially get sent to many places, like carriers, payment processors or similar. Shaping the number would avoid it becoming stuck later. With 'shaping' I mean things like replacing all the various whitespace types with an ordinary space character, replacing various dash types with the ordinary minus sign and such stuff.
  22. Looking at this discussion I think there is an actual demand, so I opened an enhancement issue for this, mentioning @dynambee's (partial) solution: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/397
  23. @daokakao why not to bind your MX record For this to happen, a user whould have to understand that an "MX record" actually exists, what it does and how it's changed. I don't think this is the level of expertise 30bz wants to be mandatory for running a shop. There has to be an easier solution ... which doesn't stop experts from doing what you described, of course.
  24. https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/396
  25. inadvertently included a trailing CR, LF, tab, tripping over such a situation would be a bug.
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