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  1. I have noticed things don’t work and the next day they do. There are many many caches :-) Those 10+ caches exposed in Backoffice, PHP ones not exposed there, core code caches, server file system caches, server caches, database caches, database proxy caches, server proxy caches, backbone caches, Internet service provider caches, browser file caches, browser history caches, browser redirection caches, browser prefetch caches, to name just those coming to mind immediately. Pick your choice on where the file gets stuck for a couple of hours :-) That's how the Internet works. Rather inefficient basics plus dozens of caches on top to re-gain reasonable performance.
  2. My problem is that I have a png file with a transparent background that isn’t showing as transparent, it’s the Header Logo. First thing to check would be to save the file locally and open it with an image editor. Is it a problem with the generated PNG or some page style problem? In case it's a problem with the generated PNG, it's likely a bug. A list of steps to reproduce would help a lot to fix it. And there's also a workaroud: find the logo image file on disk and replace it with a proper one. Logos are stored directly in img/.
  3. It’s purely symbolic to remove the delete function Yes, true. Still the message is clear now. In case it becomes a habit to edit-delete posts there's a solution, too: disallow an edit if it changes more than 10% of the original content.
  4. @MockoB, sounds like you found and fixed the issue already. Could you create something like a diff or a patch? If Github is too complicated for you (they disallow adding patches to bug reports), patches to my Email are very welcome. The point of a patch is that a developer can simply apply it, without having to learn what's going on. This learning curve is what consumes about 80% of a developers time.
  5. The answer even though accurate just let us know that “nobody cares, go to another place and bother someone else because I cant, he cant and nobody cant do anything about it” Please don't take it this way. Such obvious malfunctions and lacks of crucial functionality don't get forgotten. The simple problem is that while a lot of stuff was fixed already, there's still a huge pile waiting. There are at least three people working every day on lowering this pile. And then they receive yelling because they can't do miracles. Bummer. There are also heros. For example here: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/374. While apparently not an expert, yet, he finds his way step by step, getting closer to a solution, reporting what he found. Awesome! This help a lot.
  6. Wherever one looks, it has apparently become a habit of users to delete their posts. Which sometimes ends up in empty threads: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/966/aligning-text-in-bulgarian Far too often, discussions get crippled beyond recognition, sometimes even the original issue gets removed, so readers can no longer follow what's going on: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/962/issue-with-shopping-cart-totals-taxes-not-updating-on-screen https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/931/reopened-how-to-use-csv-import-for-many-colors-sizes-for-a-single-product https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/886/can-i-change-default-to-switch-to-image-editing-in-mass-combinations-update The best forums I'm aware of have neither a 'delete', nor an 'edit' button for users. Once written, posts are there, unchanged. This way people can learn what's going on, what's IMHO the entire point of forum discussions. Even if people think they did something "silly", there's no reason to be ashamed of it. Intuitivity is crucial, so "silly" things happening means there's room for improvement. And this should be fixed on the software side, not on the learning curve side. Until such a fix happens, users should be able to find the solution with their favorite search engine.
  7. Maybe this post of mine: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/846/aeuc-error-thrown-on-index-php-controller-order/8 There was a short lived answer by him to it, rating it as dumb. As far as I can see, he deleted his answer himself.
  8. You're welcome to donate another/a better theme to thirty bees.
  9. deswegen meine ich ja immer daß ich es nicht ganz verstehe warum sich leider auch TB nicht dem Thema annimmt Das ist ziemlich einfach: es gibt bei thirty bees jede Menge Baustellen. Ist ja nicht so, dass das zu Grunde liegende PS 1.6.1 überall einwandfrei funktioniert hätte. Die thirty bees Entwickler haben also nicht gerade Langeweile. Was ich nicht verstehe: es gibt offensichtlich Leute, die die Rechtssicherheit in Ordnung gebracht haben. Diese Leute scheint aber irgendwas davon abzuhalten, das Ergebnis Allen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Meines Wissens ist das Ziel, dass man nach der Installation des Shops nur die Art der Gesetzgebung auswählen muss, um einem rechtssicheren Shop zu erhalten. Also weg mit den riesigen Konfigurationsseiten und auch mit den zig Seiten langen Dokumenten, wie man was einzustellen habe. Und das natürlich für alle Länder dieser Welt.
  10. are Prestashop plugins and themes compatible ? Most of them, yes. PS 1.6.1 compatible ones, of course, not PS 1.7 compatible ones.
  11. What is missing for the second precision? Just the frontend widget? As far as I could see, it's the formatting requested for the datepicker in the GUI and also some PHP code assuming this format. PHP code for second-precision exists in a comment already.
  12. Another probable reason for the forum becoming calmer is that many bugs got fixed, so people no longer have to talk about them. And yes, a perfectly well working software can eventually lead to a poor public reception. The Smarty maker found this out, too: People seem to assume Smarty is old and lethargic just because it has been around awhile. Source: https://www.smarty.net/
  13. Probably it doesn't matter, but I was informed that my writings here are received as sarcastic. Which probably means inappropriate. Another person deleted all his writings, including the opening post, in a thread where I tried to help solving the problem at hand. Which is a kind of shyness me is not willing to deal with. I consider a forum not to be a gratis personal support service, I consider it to grow to a searchable resource helping people to help them selfs, so such deletions are kind of a slap into the face (instead of a 'thank you, works now' confirmation). Accordingly I moved to digest mode. Perhaps a couple of fewer postings because of this. Still writing code for thirty bees every day, of course.
  14. Over the last couple of days I reviewed the product downloads controller in order to give it a more reliable shape. This includes a number of changes to the ProductDownload class, none of which should affect behavior for other uses. It's this thing, part of the product editor: Changed and new features: Deleting the file deletes the file only, not the entire product download record. As one would expect when clicking 'Delete this file'. Removing the file associated to the product still removes both, file and record. Deleting one record no longer creates yet another, empty record. Switching product type away from 'Virtual Product' also deletes file and product download record. Keep the environment clean, folks! :-) There is now a new switch for deactivating a download. Previously the other switch tried to handle this as well ... and more often than not produced a mess. If there's something wrong with the downloadable file (missing file, missing name), a product download gets deactivated automatically. To make sure your customers see only working downloads. Catched all cases of product download records being deleted without the related file being deleted as well. No more stale file in the downloads folder of your server. Well, hopefully :-) If you want to give it a try, code is currently on the productdownloads branch for evaluation. If there are no objections coming up, I'll move it to 1.0.x in a few days. P.S.: 'record' = database entry into the tb_product_download table.
  15. D'oh. Describing the steps to be done is sarcastic and of little help. Thanks for the lesson.
  16. There's a build.sh script in the Git repo, which should give a good idea on what's done for making a release. It's not too complicated and boils down to what yaniv14 said: just overwrite files / apply patches.
  17. Modern flavor of communications? A poster answers to the solution, but also deletes it before one can read it? Also removes the question, so there's no hint on what the actual issue was? Funny. No, it's no fun. I should stop trying to help people. These people make an idiot of me.
  18. Turning on SSL is a task to be done with server configuration tools, thirty bees can't help with this. Once it works, one simply turns it on in Backoffice -> Preferences -> General.
  19. what if we do not want to merge the previous commit? Then cherry-pick only the other ones. Or rebase -i the branch with patches for removing the unwanted commit.
  20. Sorry, I don't get it. You have a category with 235 products inside, right? Now a customer displays this category and sees 30 of them, as well as pagination links for viewing the next page. Now, do you want more products on such a page ("a better variant, eg. more than 30 products") or fewer of them ("For SEO-friendly sites etc. this is too much.") ? Keep in mind that more products on one page also mean longer loading times, all the products have to be loaded.
  21. @albnavper Oops, something went wrong. ... ... Turning on debug mode in Backoffice -> Advanced Parameters -> Performance gives unencrypted messages.
  22. I know PS is fairly stable up to without any major issues (or ones that I can work around) but as for TB just today someone has posted issues First thing to check in such cases is whether PS is actually better in regard to the issue at hand. Often it's not, the vast majority of thirty bees bugs is PrestaShop baggage. Apparently the distinction between PS and thirty bees is that thirty bees users see sense in reporting them or publishing their fixes, while PS users simply gave up and live with them silently. Good. I'll shut up now. You certainly know best what's the best solution for you.
  23. It is possible to get it working but there’s no restore point when it goes wrong because the backup process fails. This is a known issue. The workaround is to make a backup by other means before doing the upgrade, then doing the upgrade without backup. A backup copies all files and the database. Files can be copied via your usual procedure to upload/download files to/from the server. For DB backups, phpMyAdmin works just fine. In case of disaster one removes all files on the server and the entire DB and restores both from these backups. This procedure works for both, PS and 30bz.
  24. @vzex So many times you search a forum and the original poster never provides the solution they find! You see this up-arrow, down-arrow and a number in between at the bottom right of each message? That's for upvoting posts. For each upvote the poster gets a nice thank you message :-) P.S.: d'oh. Totally forgot to upvote your post, @vzex, because you're absolutely right. Reports on what worked are very welcome.
  25. First thing to find out is, whether this is happening with the default template or with a custom template. To get rid of displayed stuff, removing it from the template is always an option.
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