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  1. Tried to contact him by email and got an automated response from a support system.
  2. Hmm. Again an empty reply.
  3. My /img folder grow so big. I think there are a lot of unused images. Regenerating thumbnails should fix this. Slower, of course, because all used pictures get resized again, but available without module.
  4. Uhm. Glancing over this discussion quickly I think nobody recommended to regenerate thumbnails so far. While it's named 'thumbnail', it actually means all displayed pictures. Backoffice -> Preferences -> Images, bottom of the page. Regarding storage location, product images are in img/p/, inside there are numbered folders, at the bottom one folder per product, with images in 10(!) sizes inside (by default).
  5. Could you not just tell the customer in advance what payment methods you accept? In Europe that's actually mandatory and the default thirty bees theme already does this by showing a picture with payment logos on the product page.
  6. Never seen an online shop offering/asking for a tip. Nevertheless, product customizations could do the trick. One would add a number of predefined tips (e.g. $1, $2, $5, $10) as a product customization, along with the respective price impact. Another way would be to make such a tip a separate product, then list them as recommended products.
  7. Nice work! Assuming by the name, it's the original beesblog module with fixes applied. How about making pull requests with these changes to get them into upstream, into the original module? This way a lot more people can appreciate your work, as it automatically appears in their backoffice then.
  8. It's apparently a problem with the Jmspagebuilder module. Disabling that should make the error go away. If you need the module, its developer should be able to help.
  9. Traumflug

    Custom theme

    @MockoB I’m talking about design without any functionality modifications. You asked for performance improvements. This does mean functionality modifications, even if the resulting behavior is the same. There is no magic "make it faster" button a developer can click, such code usually has to be rewritten from scratch. Thus I agree with the other responders: it's better to choose an already well performing template and build upon that. Changing colors and rearranging a couple of design blocks is much easier and can indeed be done in the 4-digit price range.
  10. Traumflug

    Custom theme

    Rewriting a whole template? Depends on the feature count/complexity, of course, but a first guess would be half a year of fulltime work = some 50'000 Euros. This also assumes these nice features can actually be implemented in a better performing way. Maybe this very rough estimate answers your question already.
  11. @RandomFish We have tried to redo our site in 1.7, 1.7.1, and 1.7.2. Its not working. It is the absolute worst piece of software from a developer and merchant stand point I have seen. It does look nice, but nothing works. Nothing at all. Taxes. Rounding. Random errors that appear to go away. It is a software abortion. Well, this kind of observation is pretty much the reason why thirty bees was founded. PS 1.7 has some good ideas (like moving logic out of templates, into PHP) and some not so good ideas (like partially moving to Symphony), but all this stuff is of not much help if the outcome isn't usable. Welcome to thirty bees, @RandomFish !
  12. it needs to be able to update the price every time something is selected in the set by the customer. Product combinations can actually do this. It's named "impact on price" The only things I consider to be missing is: Make combinations from existing products, one has to enter these combinations in addition to the single product. Price impact has to be done manually, too. Probably needed with Magento as well, because I'd take that price impact on a combined product usually doesn't exactly match the price of the separate product. E.g., adding a $10 SD card to a $80 camera doesn't end up in a $90 combination (like Magento would do it), but gets priced $89. Looks like it largely depends on how often you want such combined products. Also whether you actually intend to sell the combination add-ons separately. To find out how well it works, one can only try. I think it's worth such a try.
  13. As this is probably a larger thing I've opened a Github issue for it: https://github.com/thirtybees/community-theme-default/issues/27
  14. This error means that there's no matching language pack on the thirty bees server. Still the installation should finish with English only. Does it?
  15. @Occam A developer named gabdara posted a commit on Github last Friday. Thanks. I just applied this patch to 30bz and pushed it to a new branch import. Totally untested, it might even contain syntax errors. For your convenience and if you don't run off a Git clone, here's the patched file (replace the one in controllers/admin/): 01503312519447AdminImportController.php Let us know how it works :-)
  16. Screenshots, please! We want to see what you see :-)
  17. @yaniv14 And I was unable to install the bees blog That's pretty vague. I see you committing code from time to time (thank you very much!), so I'm pretty sure you could do a first few steps into debugging this issue. For example, like equipping those failures you experience with proper error messages. And then creating a reproducible test case? That'd be nice and helpful.
  18. AFAIK, these downloadable files on Github are auto-generated, so developers have no influence on how they're named. One of the many oddities of Github.
  19. File extraction complete. Now backing up files. Backup files in progress. 1438080 files left. Backup files in progress. 1437680 files left. Being curious on this I counted files in my developer installation: sh $ find . | wc -l 81809 This is with just demo data installed, but with .git and node_modules (for theme development). A regular installation should have some 63'000 files only, plus 10 picture files for each product. @netamismb, do you have more than 100'000 products installed, perhaps?
  20. @nickon They told me that magento stores that data in a better way and google can access it better and get better data. Can they also express this a bit less vague? I mean, changing "storage" of meta data is pretty easy. But one would need a more precise description of what's needed. What exactly should go there.
  21. Traumflug


    @Occam Nice try, but we’re talking about translation items imported fom PrestaShop which have been messed up since years. Because PS failed to improve the situation thirty bees is doomed? Come on, I've heard better excuses.
  22. Does clicking “favorite” mean an upvote? Nope, it's this little upwards pointing triangle to the left of the title. It says "upvote" if you hover over it. And yes, it's amazing how UI-ignorant this site is, considering it's targeted to developers.
  23. Traumflug


    @DaoKakao I really wondered, why such ugly/overcomplicated mixture of (almost)same terms appeared. Because there's more than one person involved in writing code. Each person has its own preferences on how to write code, this applies not only to translatable strings. And then ... well, when writing code, using elegant language in texts isn't exactly top priority. Code writers watch out much more for the code doing what it should do. That said, if you find such mismatching use of human language, don't hesitate to report them as code bugs (on Github). Changing such wording doesn't change how the code works, so it's easily replaceable.
  24. @alwayspaws how do you use emojis in the quick replies to forum messages? Use traditional smileys. Those used before this graphical [censored] came up: :-)
  25. Could you craft one of your nice short CSVs demonstrating the issue? Last time this helped a lot.
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