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  1. Traumflug

    Currency format

    If you're going to work on this, don't forget very small amounts, which are currently almost impossible. For example, electronic resistors can cost less than half a cent, 0.0042 Euros. This results in a displayed price of 0.00, unless one raises the number of digits for all prices, even the 100-Euro ones. A great solution would format prices as you suggested, but add a digit for each zero right of the decimal for prices < 1.
  2. But I install on an empty database, when I look in phpmyadmin the tables got created, and then this error… Doesn't sound logical. Steps for installation are: Create a database, e.g. thirtybees. Install using this database, prefix is arbitrary. This creates tables inside this database, including table tb_access (where tb_ is the prefix). Click on the "Manage Shop" button to see further instructions. Remove folder install/ as instructed. Click the link given in these instructions. Note the current URL (ignoring parameters), which ends with adminxxyyzz/, where xxyyzz is a random string. Where does your procedure differ from this and in which step shows the error message up?
  3. Perhaps the AJAX calls this would create are too much extra overhead on a high traffic site It's certainly doable, the cart page does something very similar. But as you said, it's highly unusual.
  4. Yes, that's how the PS guys have choosen to do things. One needs an existing, but empty database for a glitchless experience. If there's no DB at all, the installer offers to create one. Which means, just deleting the DB is fine.
  5. what is the need to show the unit price for the t-shirt? For t-shirts one doesn't enter a unit price. Accordingly, no unit price is shown. This feature is still necessary, because thirty bees isn't limited to selling t-shirts.
  6. One can't buy products by these units, neither is the price shown on the bill a unit price. Unit prices exist to make product comparisons easier. An example: (Picture from http://politicalcalculations.blogspot.de/2015/07/working-backwards-from-retail-to-cost.html) One yogurt costs $1.62, the other one $0.72. Which one is cheaper? Ignoring unit prices one needs a pocket calculator to find out. With unit prices it's much easier: The $1.62 yogurt is $0.05/oz, so it's cheaper than the $0.72 one with $0.12/oz! At checkout, one pays neither $0.05 nor $0.12, but the product price: $1.62. Or $4.86 if one takes three.
  7. str_replace('Sie', 'Du', $string); FTW! No, just joking. "Geben Sie hier Ihre bevorzugte Farbe an" -> "Geben Du hier Deine bevorzugte Farbe an". Sounds like a parody on our citizens with Turkish ancestry.
  8. "Member States may waive the obligation to indicate the unit price of products for which such indication would not be useful ..." Yes. Which means, certain products need this feature activated in some countries, but not in others. The feature its self remains the same.
  9. And is this needed for German compliance or EU, which is two very different things Not really. Regulations are about the same, just the urge to comply with them is much higher in Germany. Like I tried to explain above.
  10. Traumflug

    Currency format

    It is strange because there is two places where you can set decimals. In Preferences/General where you can set the number of decimals and in the currency itself where you can set using decimals yes or no. ... and inside templates.
  11. I fear there's no quick fix, but I added a Github issue to not forget this: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/262
  12. Traumflug

    Currency format

    @yaniv14, can you make a screenshot or two? "without decimal ‘1050’ instead of '1500.00’" sounds, uhm, odd. Another thing to look at is Smarty/HTML code producing these numbers. I've seen rounding code in some templates. Like {$price|round} or similar.
  13. Makes it sense to compress images before we load/import them into TB/Presta? Not really. Currently even the "original" image gets rewritten on import[1], so such optimization doesn't survive the minute you add the image. If you want well optimized images, add all of them, then run this optimizer on all the images in img/p/. Like downloading this folder via FTP, then optimizing, then re-uploading the result via FTP. Thirty bees won't touch these images and serve them happily as long as they exist and as long as nobody starts a "thumbnail regeneration". Adding images later requires repeating this procedure for just the new images, of course. [1] This is known and considered to be a mis-feature, but as always, somebody has to rewrite this code section, which didn't happen, yet.
  14. And why it isn’t part of the eu compliance which is mainly used in Austria and Germany … Blunt question, blunt answer: because nobody hacked it in, yet. There is no magic button making this happen, it needs work and work needs time and/or money. Not sure how GDPR is related to this module, though. This module is for German merchants which have choosen to not collect VAT separately and handle the VAT topic like an ordinary citizen. This choice is given to merchants with less than EUR 17.500 revenue yearly, only. As far as I can see, this module is not a general legal compliancy module, one needs Advanced EU Compliance as well.
  15. I installed it with community-theme-default and didn't notice any incompatibilities on the first glance. Didn't have a closer look, though.
  16. I think the best plan to get this happen is to set up a simple test shop with demo products, then tweak Backoffice -> Preferences -> SEO & URLs -> Schema of URLs until URLs match those in your current production shop. Product URLs matching those in the current shop should make SEO happy, no matter which shop software generates and handles them. That's a common setting for all products, so comparing a few typical samples should be sufficient.
  17. Hmm. Adding such tags manually appears to work here: This last tag was even longer when entered, but after saving it got cut to 32 chars. Can you add this manually, too? If yes, it's apparently a CSV importer problem.
  18. @elund, @rubben1985 Maybe you should support the Panda theme also "You" does already, thirty bees claims to be PS 1.6.1 compatible and anything deviating from this is considered to be a bug. That's how I understand various 30bz blog postings and what I observe on bug report reactions. Which means, reports like this topic are mostly a confirmation of the successful implementation of this policy. Nice, isn't it? If you have the Panda theme already, feel invited to set up a test shop, slap that theme onto it and simply try. Chances it just works are very good :-)
  19. You can make the .com page not pointing into the shop at all. Put some PHP there which does nothing but redirect to the appropriate shop. No need for graphics, HTML, CSS, whatever, just a redirector.
  20. Advanced EU Compliance is now an official module. If one can build a compliant shop with PS 1.6, one can do it with thirty bees, too.
  21. If you don't link this new site somewhere, search robots can't find it.
  22. Yes, there's a 32 byte limit in the DB per tag. Two tags = 64 bytes, and so on. Are you sure these are three tags? Or just one tag with all the words? On the product page, each tag has an 'x' on the right side. Three 'x' = 3 tags. Didn't look up whether there are limitations in PHP code, yet.
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