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  1. Traumflug

    homeslider text

    I solved this by removing parts of the text on smaller viewports. On a small screen one sees the headline, only. On a medium sized screen headline and teaser, on large screens all three text parts. Can be combined with scaling, of course.
  2. Hovering over a user name gives a 'chat' button. Just did this with your user name ... and found a one month old message. Uh. Missed that entirely.
  3. Traumflug

    Duplicate URLs

    But why I click the Duplicate URL tab, I have an error message Known problem and already solved: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/237 Even without the bugfix it happens with empty shops only. As soon as there's a product, the error goes away. The only way to decode these error messages I'm aware of so far is to turn on debug mode. While there's some room for improvement (decode it automatically if the logged in user is also a shop employee or something like this), getting an error message at all is much better than the ignorance PrestaShop prefers.
  4. when you have to set shipping for over 200 different products then, it is extremely time consuming. OK, that's understandable. A more general solution would be to allow editing multiple products in one operation. That's indeed a worthwhile feature missing. And not exactly trivial to implement, because all properties not edited have to keep their values. I fear there's no quick solution in sight. Another one I've seen with PS 1.7 is that shop software chooses the correct set of available carriers, but doesn't preselect the cheapest one on the order page. Didn't try with 30bz, yet.
  5. You can do this by setting "available carriers" for each product already. Set a free carrier and a non-free carrier for the product which allows free shipping, and only a non-free carrier for the other product(s).
  6. To add fuel to the mix, I'm currently working on support for PS 1.7 themes, so one would get this one page checkout, too. That said, I've heard that the number of checkout steps isn't crucial at all. Conversion rate with 1, 2, 3, ... 6 steps are about equal. It's more important what each of these steps asks for. Asking for date of birth might be more counterproductive than having separated checkout steps. People don't like entering (in their POV) meaningless information.
  7. I think it should work the way you do it. Obviously thumbnails aren't created. Does Backoffice -> Preferences -> Images -> Regenerate Tumbnails help?
  8. I am wondering if Bees team correct missing states in some countries like it was in Prestashop. e.g Canada If you report such issues they'll get corrected. AFAIK, the long term goal is to replace all this data with a public database like CLDR (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CommonLocaleData_Repository).
  9. Distinction between "Rechnung" and the other methods is order of execution. With Rechnung, a customer gets the goods first, then he pays. With the usual prepayment he pays first, then receives the goods. Paying a Rechnung (Invoice) can still happen by various methods, e.g. bankwire, PayPal, whatever. A merchant notes his acceptable payment methods on the invoice and then watches all of them for money incoming. Obviously all the offered methods are ones which can be initiated by the customer, so SofortÜberweisung, credit card and similar don't work, bankwire and PayPal are fine. Lastschrift is yet another one. Lastschrift is a bankwire initiated not by the customer, but by the merchant. Shipping happens after payment received. In effect it's similar to payment by credit card. Slower (takes a day), but works for customers without credit card, too. IIRC, only about 60% of germans own a credit card. For offering bankwire and Lastschrift you need a bank account inside the European Union. A bank account inside Germany is no longer necessary.
  10. [PNG] has very good compression but without using special trickery the files will always be much larger than JPG files with similar image quality. Depends a lot on the type of image. For photographs, JPEGs are typically smaller, that's true. Graphics with sharp boundaries and larger areas of the exactly same color, e.g. a page of text or screenshots, compress a lot better with PNG.
  11. Pictures are already compressed (exception: some vintage formats like BMP). Compressing them twice can make them actually larger: sh $ ll test.png -rw-r--r-- 1 user user 2879672 Mai 13 11:08 test.png $ gzip test.png $ ll test.png.gz -rw-r--r-- 1 user user 2880128 Mai 13 11:08 test.png.gz
  12. Hah, somebody fixed this issue. Thank you very much to this person!
  13. Best was to find out is to try it. 30bz has a new cache mechanism and removed an old one, so we'd love to hear how well it works compared to Litespeed.
  14. It's apparently a bug. Noted here: https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/issues/217 Next step is to find a distinction these installations where the bug appears and those where it doesn't. Goal is to find a way to reproduce this bug on a developers computer. If it can't be reproduced it can't be fixed. What is your operating system and server software? Mac OS with its built in Apache, perhaps? And sorry for all these questions, so far I'm stepping in the dark.
  15. The shop is in a subdirectory. So the problem is that TB is somehow including this file. Good point. I think I got it now. Can you look into Back Office -> Preferences -> SEO & URLs and verify whether the 'Base URI' field is set correctly? If yes, there's apparently some code not respecting this field.
  16. Warning: require_once(…/thetexts.php): thetexts.php isn't a file coming with either PS or 30bz. Has to be some custom code. Failure to load this file causes an exception, which in turn prohibits running all the code after this line. Which means: almost nothing works. Solution is to either return file Shop.php to its original state or to place thetexts.php where it's expected. This is NOT a multishop shop. Much of the PHP code treats a monoshop like a multishop with just one shop defined.
  17. Could you elaborate on “For handling complex PHP it’s not always up to the task”? It's quite possible this has changed to the better in recent years. It's also possible that it works better with one web software than with another. PHP code sometimes makes assumptions which are true on an Apache server, but not on an Nginx one. Sometimes, not always. If 30bz works fine on a pure Nginx server: great!
  18. Upgrading modules is even easier: just go to the page listing modules. This connects to the modules server and looks for upgrades. If there are upgrades, the modules' menu will turn from 'Configure' to 'Upgrade'. Selecting this executes the upgrade.
  19. As far as I can see, all bugfixes go into the 1.0.x branch. Every now and then a release is made from this branch. As it has happened with 30bz 1.0.1 just recently. So yes, these fixes end up in releases.
  20. Some experience from a site running a forum and a wiki: Nginx is fast, mostly because of it's small memory footprint. For handling complex PHP it's not always up to the task, so it's a good idea to let it handle simple things like serving pictures, only. Such a setup isn't established by enabling a flag somewhere, it requires to edit Apache config files carefully, adding quite some complexity. PS/30bz claims to allow loading pictures from an external media server. Never read about anybody using this, but code is there. It looks like a good, simple solution to set up such a media server using Nginx and let 30bz handle all the proxy decisions.
  21. Picking like this? https://github.com/thirtybees/thirtybees/pull/220
  22. I see. Well, does this file (config/config.inc.php) exist?
  23. Here's something wrong: require(/home//public_html /om/ thirtybees/config/config.inc.php) Each of the provided log entries shortens this part of the path differently. Code is very simple, nothing 30bz-specific: php require(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); Smells like there's something wrong with the PHP installation.
  24. 2nd An Nginx + apache server for a small store (1000 products) is viable For performance considerations, the number of page views counts a lot more than the number of products. If you're that keen on more performance, it'd be better to analyse the current state, first. There are plenty of tools, e.g. Firefox' built-in web developer toolbox, showing each file loaded and how long it takes. If you have shell access to the server, run 'top' for a while and watch how much it swaps. No/rare swapping -> RAM is sufficient. 4th is it feasible to put the store in normal web sites? Yes. Apache, PHP, database is sufficient.
  25. Question is answered, marking as solved. Updater not working would be a bug.
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