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Official Mollie Module

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In a nutshell:

The TB version of the Mollie module hosted on Git is old (no one should use is since rounding errors etc. come with it as far as I can dig from the GIT code progress)

The Prestashop version on Mollie hosted on GIT is in active development

At the moment Mollie has stalled API communication for the payment option "pay later" by Klarna. We can expect to not be informed which payment option next is going to stall. Customer support told me all payment option won't get any updates any more for the TB version.

I am happily willing to give access to Petr.


Hope for the best

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I've tested mollie's ps module version 3.3.5. Klarna payment method in test mode seems to be working correctly for me. Question is, if the webhook is triggered in production mode at all.

Those of you who are having issues with Klarna -- please go to Mollie module, and set LogLevel to Everything.

With this option enabled, there should eventually appear some Mollie entry in your Advanced Parameters > Logs


Can somebody confirm such entry recently? 


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Hello Petr,


coming back to this. I reactivated Klarna paylater in live shop and did a test order. It went positively through after I created a customer with my original adress and entered my mobil phone number and birth date during checkout test (Klarna scoring test).

With eyebrowses raised I had to notice that my order was accepted by Klarna and I had successfully bought on invoice/paylater and this was registered in my backoffice. In the log appears as it does in test mode:

MollieWebhookModuleFrontController::processTransaction said: Received webhook request for order 1234/ transaction ord_1234   0 0x 0



So, either Molly lowered their constraints on the PS/TB test or I was just lucky or what ever...

I am happy since it might be something good and may be we can use Mollie in the future!

Hower, before the problems started we had orders via pay later on a daily basis. My test order is now the first one for 3 weeks!


What are the others experiencing here?

Are you still with Mollie or any alternatives?

Still receiving or freshly receiving Mollie / Klarna paylater orders?





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i have Mollie Payment Module v3.3.1 and it still works. havent tried the paylater option.

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As already said at the moment for the last 3 weeks paylater functionality was stalled (Mollie said officially they dropped support). All other payment option are said to have received their latest 'internal updates' 3 weeks ago and no one know when they might stop working. In a nutshell, at the moment all know problems are related to the webhook 'conversation' between Mollie <--> Thirtybees exclusively for the payment option paylater/Klarna. This worked for me today as stated. So, I am interested if anyone has received paylater orders in his shop the lasts days since I have not for 3 weeks except my own order (before we had daily sells via paylater).

Thank you

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