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I am on tour so to speak but I stumbled upon the Panda page of Sunnytoo and saw in the news block on the right sight that there are news about Panda and Thirtybees.

Namely, Panda V1.5:

Panda theme v1.5.0 for Thirtybees v1.1.0 is released, to use it you have to upgrade your TB to v1.1.0 first, check the "Changelog" tab on Panda theme page for more info.


May be it is old news. If so, I am sorry.


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17 hours ago, the.rampage.rado said:

I don't know what you love about this theme whatsoever 

No Panda love involved!


It is what my site started with in the very beginning of thirtybees when lots of help was offered in the early days of this forum.


I just wanted to get everything updated without starting over again.

If I could flip the switch to thirtybees theme I would I'm still on 1.0.8



My site is small, no big budget to redo it - just me

It's mainly extra money to supplement the overly burdensome property tax to keep my farm.

THAT is the ONLY love involved


As far as @Sunnytoo, they are only as good as their word...something that seems to be lacking these days

Updates were promised but never happened

Was just letting other PANDA users know

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I am (as well as, I guess, namy of TB users) running Panda theme. It is nice, flexible, and already customized. I would rather stick to it than exprore a new theme. @Jonnyand his team confirmed to deliver new update in 2 months. If you are interested in getting an update you can rise your hand hier https://www.sunnytoo.com/forums/topic/panda-theme-compatible-with-thirtybees-1-4-and-php-8-0


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