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Help me develop killer One Page Checkout module


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thanks @vincentdenkspel for reporting this 1. guest checkout - you are right, I've overlooked this. Will fix 2. Once i’ve selected guest checkout, i can’t ‘go back’ and login into my account -- you can, but it's well hidden. You need to change the email address back and forth. That's not very intuitive, I'll fix this 3. shipping cost - I had the same problem on tb1.0.4, and I had to patch Cart.php to make it work. I'll check your version to see if the same problem exists on 1.0.3

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Here's some info regarding shipping cost not changing when selecting carrier

thirtybees version 1.0.3

my module did not work with this version, because it assumed that delivery option is serialized using json_encode. But this is true only for versions tb1.0.4 and newer.

I've just released new version of chex module that fixes this assumption

thirtybees version 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

my module does not work with these versions correctly. It's because of the bugs that were introduced into the core with changing serialization method :)

If you have one of these versions, I strongly suggest you update to just released 1.0.6. These issues are affecting even normal checkout page, see here. If you don't want to upgrade yet, then at least you should apply these patches manually

thirtybees version 1.0.6

I've installed this new version and tested the chex module. I can confirm it works smoothly


this module should work with all versions except 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

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I've tested it works nice and fast, but I think need more improvement for user experience. I'm litle bit confuse when I'm login > checkout > I want to choose from my saved address (let say I have a lot of address), but where are all my saved address? And then I realize I must select carrier > select payment methods > select shipping address.

*I prefer dropdown to show saved address, we can minimize space (or maybe another method)

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Thanks @dosbiner for your input. I plan to add few alternate flows to choose from, including one minimalistic/all in one form for logged in customers. But that's in the future, right now I need to finish these first 3 flows and iron out bugs.

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Now that I have it working. I do like the layout But when signing up could you not hide all the countries that are not active The GDPR Tick boxes are missing too .. image added On Personal details would it not be better to have the boxes closer together (vertical ) and much darker
Good to see there is no MR Mrs etc and no birth date


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11 minutes ago, wakabayashi said:

Ah here you are working on :classic_smile: I didn't know this was still going on. Good luck with the sales :classic_cool:

Yeah, this was *almost* completed for a few months now, and I finally put aside some time to finish it 🙂 

I'd like to implement some more features to this module, however I will wait to see how many merchants are interested in this... Unlike my other modules, this is tb/ps16 only, so I guess sales / usage will be significantly lower. 

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33 minutes ago, spidawebs said:

Dumb question....so I've installed the trial of the module, but the standard checkout is still showing. I've cleared cache and enabled my IP address in the module configuration. How do I force my shop to use your module instead?

you need to add your IP address to whitelisted IP addresses:



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Just now, spidawebs said:

Yes. I have another one page checkout module which I am currently using though, so do I need to disable that first, or should your module take priority? I don't really want to disable my current one on a live site.

Oh, that will be the the case. You should be able to access the checkout page by entering this to browser nav


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