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Free Module Category Footer Description [genzo_category]


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Hello Guys

I am developing a little module for category pages. It will allow you to add a second description to a category page. Why is it helpful? That way you can use the core description as a little teaser at the top. My module will add a second description at the footer. This is extremly helpful if you are interested in SEO. Such en html edit tab will be added to every category in the BO.


The module is multilang and multistore ready!

@haylau Has created a blog post and a video about the module. It explains everything perfect. Please check out: https://blog.haylau-4-thirtybees.co.uk/genzo-category-free-module/.

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Available for non patreons as well
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Damn, I am a patreon but bought already such a module 6 months ago :)

But good news is, I have not installed it on live version due to missing time. So I'd like to give yours a shot. PS: I bought that one cause I was not able to code what I intended to do. I wanted to implement the option to break given category description into two parts. In wanted to clone original one and then I wanted to make use of a second table for as many chars the user likes. The shorter version should then be hooked into left column since I heard that Google likes text near the viewports top. Especially for optimisation of mobile pages where left column seems to appear before the standard category description, right?

PS: wakabayashi, which PayPal module are you running? I wrote an issue today in the PayPal section here and need a solution urgently.

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We had an option with Panda theme using the Advanced Custom Content, wich I activated just in footer category position. But I sounds great! 

I'm patreon too and I'd like to motivate people to become, so if you are ok and can send it to me too, I'll make a video showing it on a demo site and publish on Youtube 😉

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At least I know that in Warehouse you only have the option of either top or bottom. Here, Waka, adds a module that allows both !

Advantage? Better UX and SEO perhaps. You start with small cat descrpt. at top and continue at bottom without "JS more..." button. That it I think it is about.

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I have finally gotten down to actually installing the module to start using it ..Can I ask. Is there a way to remove the image block so the text appears higher up as it looks like dead space at the moment.. It's on the main categories I am doing right now 



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