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3 page checkout (sort of) for Community-Default-Theme


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Check again the pictures.

Login form opens with "Sign in" page.

If one clicks onto 2nd tab above - Create account, than the account creation page opens, without need to enter email first to get to that page.

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It's amazing what a working checkout does… Getting sales again after removing my 1-page checkout that was giving people errors which led to a no sale. Have made more sales in 3 days than an entire year and I don't sell a lot

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On 4/5/2020 at 9:44 PM, toplakd said:

Mobile experience is not good on any of thirty bees default theme.

For good mobile view a lot of things have to be changed. Mostly css styling for different media widths ...

Once done it can look similar to this picture


have a question to what is shown in the picture. It is also in the "old" 5 page checkout. Choose payment method you can choose either "pay by bank wire" or "Paypal". But why are there signs from Visa, Mastercard etc...? Think there should be only the paypal Logo?

at my shop tb vers. 1.1.X bleeding edge, standard checkout module looks like the picture down. But i don´t offer creditcard, just paypal. Either this should be fixed, or it is right and i have a big knowledge lack here....


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As said in other thread, files are made for community-theme-default and therefore they may not work as wished on other templates which are using its own modifications and overrides.

For that, you have to figure it out by yourself, or contact the theme maker if he could adopt that changes for you.

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I cant make it or test it for Panda or whatever other theme, as I don't have it and don't feel the need for it for my shop

But I can send you my modded community theme for testing, which is more mobile friendly.

However it does not have 3 page checkout but it has 4 tab checkout, as needed override is not a solution for everyone.

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1 minute ago, toplakd said:

I cant make it or test it for Panda or whatever other theme, as I don't have it and don't feel the need for it for my shop


I fully understand , it's working for you that's all that matters.. I'll figure something out as well


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when putting object in cart, the popup appears. There it shows me what other customers bought (module crossselling) But the screen is freezed so i can´t scroll. So one can just see the first two objects. Don´t know if this is issue of the 3 page checkout or the modified template (it is the one from toplakd).

Can anyone confirm this?

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16 minutes ago, AndyC said:

If anyone is interested if you don't want the in stock to show (it worked for me)
add {assign var='PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT' value=false}
to shopping-cart.tpl & order-payment-classic.tpl

I would advice against this. There may be other code in the theme, or javascript, that depends on this option. If you set this to false, you are basically saying that your store does not use stock management at all (which is not true, I believe, otherwise you would turn this off in back office settings page). This can cause you a lot of weird bugs in the future.

Since you are already modifying the template, you can simply delete the code that displays this 'in-stock' information.

Alternatively, if you want this to be 'configurable', you can introduce your own variable, like

{assing var='SHOW_IN_STOCK_INFO' value=false}

and then update already existing condition in the template to include this new variable.

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Thank you ..Will change asap ...I did a google search and found that prestashop solution .. So obviously wrong

I am not using the advanced stock as I buy products direct from factories


tried it  {assing var='SHOW_IN_STOCK_INFO' value=false} and got a 500 page error with

Syntax error in template "file:/home/domain user/domains/my website/public_html/themes/panda/shopping-cart.tpl" on line 42 "{assing var='SHOW_IN_STOCK_INFO' value=false}" unknown tag "assing"
in file vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php at line 42 

So have had to remove or does that mean I need to clear out Smarty cache

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@toplakd What I detected with hotjar is that people tend to be confused in the step login or create account. And when doing click in create account the redireccion to accont creation, and later to adresses...

I tried with one page checkout but it is not either a good solution (even less conversion)

Your 3 steps checkout would be really close to the ideal one described in a last study of the spanish market with the exception of the extra step of registering. Usually this step is integrated in the address step.

Any way that in the first  people can introduce their data and create account at the same time, with a button of login for those that are already registered? In the actual one non customers "are told" to create an account before anything else (address come later in the next step). It is not so smooth

This would be the aproach:


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is it possible to add plenty of specific css labels, so they're easy to modify from
>preferences>custom code>add css?
I tried an existing hack on your one page checkout and it worked quite well with some additions:

#opc_account_form > div:nth-child(24) > label {display: none;} /*phone number label*/
#opc_account_form > div.required.form-group.gender-line {display: none;}
#opc_account_form > div.required.password.is_customer_param.form-group.form-ok {display: none;}
#opc_account_form > div.select.form-group.date-select {display: none;}

You can see that the top line is unstable; one typo, or any change to to the form could make {display:none;} apply to something else. I don't think there is anything more specific in the css code to refer to; it probably has to have the nth child thing that I found from right-clicking and saving the selector link.

I havent worked through your mobile one page checkout; I still have a password box on my version but I will find a way to remove.

Thanks for the code, and thanks for doing a mobile version.


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On 5/31/2020 at 12:04 AM, toplakd said:

I prefer this way in my shop:


Screenshot_2020-05-31 Login - My Store.png

Screenshot_2020-05-31 Login - My Store(1).png

Yes, is not bad, but when creating account there is a 2 extra step (add address) that it is like double and it could be avoided. Right now it is:

Fill create account step (fill name, pass...)-> add your adresse (still account creation)-> adress and transport step

It would be better like: 

Create account (fill name, pass,...)-> address & transport step (where you fill the adress, jumping over the original step of filling adresse in the account creation, the second step of account creation)

or even better

Create account (fill name, pass, adresse...)-> addresse & transport step (where adress is already filled so it would be only transport)


Not sure if I am explaining my point clearly :S

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