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Store Manager for PrestaShop v. 2.29.1


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Works with thirtybees or supported by emagicone?

I have just asked their support and they told me they are not supporting the 30bees fork of prestashop. I have tested the software and it seems to work, but that is not the same as supported

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I am going to use Store manager 2.57.0 with TB 1.1.0, I hope that will work fine

I will let you know how the test goes

So far as Signut wrote here above that with a previous Store manager version can work on TB 1.1 I imagine should be fine, at least partially.

In fact by the way I am worried about the changes done on the database on the TB 1.1 version, surely are not taken in account in Store manager at this point and I have no idea if this is going to cause troubles.

My questions is about those extra tables introduced in the DB, can anyone expert predict if Store manager is going to do troubles in this respect?

I guess that at Emagicone they said that are not going to support Thirtybees as at that time they could not foresee how much people is going to use it.

However of course they might very well change their mind, they do support several e-commerce platforms, they will support also Thirtybees if becomes popular enough, there is no reason why they should not do it in that case.

Also would help much to let know Emagicone people that one switched to Thirtybees and ask to support it.

I am going to write them about, furthermore I suggest to everyone to do the same, and also to spread a good word around for TB so to help increase the success of this project.

Anyone who use TB and have already Prestashop store manager of course have full interest in achieving Emagicone to support it, but I would say also anyone else might like to support the TB success, even if is not going to use such a tool, in fact would be just a good thing to have TB recognized as interesting solution by more well known companies.

As usual in this cases could also be good to join the forces and create a collective petition too to Emagicone.

Who is going to support this action?

Thank you

Best regards to everyone


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@Raymond  Our Emagicone License support period has ended.  We asked Emagicone if they would support our ThirtyBees installation - they advise they only work with the default Prestashop.  They are aware some folk are using their Store Manager for TB, but they will not themselves make any guarantee.

It would seem pointless for us to extend/upgrade our installation.

Also, we are using TB 1.1.0 and have a concern that TB database/table changes may affect the effectiveness of our Store Manager installation in the future.  

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Hi Signut

Yes, I renewed anyway the Store manager update license and I regularly update it, I am also pretty concerned about Store manager loosing ability to manage TB, it would a real bad thing.

Right that the reason for which I advice everyone to write to Emagicone about how good is the idea to also support TB too, in fact for them should not be hard at all as it is already fully compatible with PS 1.6 and starting from there should not be a problem to collaborate with Thirtybees too so keep their old customers (as an example you did not renew the update period, if they realize that those who will do that are many they have to change their mind) but also get new clients.

Also is good to spread around good words for TB, the more are the users the more are the chances to get on well and fine.

@ Betty Nutz > I am working on my CSVs and will test soon, I will report what happens

Thank you


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Hello Everyone

I tried to upload products from Store Manager 2.57.0 build 2233 to thirtybess 1.1.0 and everything seems fine.

The test included upload of catalogue from CSV containing products, then I tested creation of products and upload, upload images, specific prices, attributes, so far for that I noticed no problems, except having to clear the cache sometimes when I uploaded new specific prices.

I do not know if the cache cleared was the solution, however it happened to upload specific prices, see it in the back office product and not in the front office, I deleted the specific price, created it again in the back office and then worked, out, I also cleared the cache and after that all other specific prices in other products worked normal, the created other specific prices in store manager and uploaded it and they all worked fine without having to repeat that test procedure of creating it form back office and or clearing cache... do not know how to explain this behaviour, however it works now after that first "thing".

Hope this help.

Again, I suggest to everyone to ask EmagicOne to support ThirtyBees.



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Storemanager works for me (as does Prestools) but my reason for paying money was Prestools / Emagicone Ebay Integration

This addon didn't work for me from 2021-2022 so I asked their helpdesk and on their forum. I wish I knew how to encourage them to test their system on Thirtybees, which they don't. The other problem is that they are cheap. Well, that's not a problem but it means that their replies have to be short and you have to pay for updates if eBay changes:

The Store Manager can handle extensions that do not influence the database integrity (database structure). Store Manager is intended to manage only default databases and it may be not compatible with any extensions, customizations, or any other integrations of third party companies.

We did not test the compatibility of Store Manager with Thirty Bees. We work only with default Prestashop. Although I saw on some forums that people use SM for ThirtyBees, but as far as we did not test it I can not guarantee proper work and compatibility.

What about eBay, updating your eBay Integration to v. is a necessity as starting April 20, 2022, eBay will only support Taxonomy API. https://developer.ebay.com/docs/api-deprecation
 So the issue may be bounded to it. Please update your Store Manager along with eBay. https://www.prestashopmanager.com/prestashop-services-on-demand/update-services/


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Hi @30knees - I have not managed to update to the latest tb. I need to un-do all my theme hacks and re-do them in the new version. I do not use Storemanager much after buying it just for their ebay add-on, which, I discover, nearly works but the free support ran-out before I got it to work completely. There is an android app from the same firm which used to work for some smartphone notifications and info - nothing vital - but I have forgotten how to make it work if it still does work - best john


Store manager state of play:
it imports ebay orders as far as the back office but each one has an error message saying something like "no corresponding prestashop product"

That's really all it does for me and ebay. A problem is that it takes a while to find the odd-on to the add-on that is ebay integration, and by the time I did that, paid support ran-out.

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