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Along the lines of ways to support Thirty Bees, how about some goods to buy? I'd buy one of those yellow mugs with the logo on it shown in the 1.0.2 default store!

There are services like vistaprint and cafepress take care of everything so no inventory is needed, and they greatly simplify the design process. Of course they take a cut but even the Guns'n'Roses t-shirt & mug I ordered earlier this year came from such a company. (Went to their concert in Osaka but all t-shirts were small or medium... Daughter got to meet Slash though!)

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Oh wow, I didn't realize that. I thought it was the same sort of business model. The yellow one seems to be out of stock anyway. :(

If I happen across any other companies that offer Cafe Press style shipping but with more color variety I'll be sure to let you know.

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How about including a link to the Patreon page in the back office? Maybe over in the "Useful Links" area?

People can't contribute if they don't know the page exists and I suspect there are far fewer of us here in the forums than have installed and are actively using (and benefiting from!) thirty bees.

Also, I see you added an "Awesome Backer" level a little while ago but there are no reward benefits listed for the level.

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Oh, you are right. I fixed it now.

I am going to add somethings to the next release version, that is a good idea with the useful links. I was thinking about the footer as well, down by the github and everything. Something on the install screen too.

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