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Say hello to release 1.0.5!

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Yet another couple of weeks have passed by, yet again hundreds of commits piled up unreleased. Time to make a release!

Say hello to thirty bees version 1.0.5.

Release notes:

  • Introduction of validatemodule.sh and buildmodule.sh. This should increase reliability of making module and thirty bees core releases a lot.
  • Removal of PHP unserialize() and friends for security reasons, in favor of serializing with JSON. With retrocompatibility code, of course.
  • Fixed images reordering for multistores, thanks to @mcdado.
  • No more duplicate manufacturer listings in back office -> Price Rules -> Catalog Price Rules, thanks to @okom3pom.
  • Compatibility with the Litespeed web server (an Apache drop-in replacement). Thank you to @lucasRolff.
  • Areas to check after upgrade:
    • Back office -> Preferences -> Store Contacts -> each store: check whether opening hours still appear.
    • In module blockmyaccount / Block My Account: changed the wording to be less personal, so check translations.

Upgrade procedure is the same as with the v1.0.4 release, but no database upgrade and no messing with modules required:

  • Download the ZIP package.
  • Extract the zip package.
  • DELETE the install directory from the zip package.
  • RENAME the admin directory to the same name as your current admin directory.
  • Perform a FULL BACKUP on your site.
  • TURN OFF all caches on your shop or or set it to force compile.
  • Upload the files that are remaining from the zip archive to your site.
  • Go to the config directory and edit the settings.inc.php file, update your version to 1.0.5.
  • Now log in to your back office, the upgrade should be finished. You can turn caches back on.


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Can you say that 1.0.5 is a “stable” version?

"thirty bees is the fastest and most stable e-commerce solution we've ever seen and release 1.0.5 just adds to the distance over the competition!"

PR slang not your thing? Then test your shop. Act as a customer, do purchases. That's what I'd recommend to friends. What works this week will work next week and next year as well.

if we do not need any stats, we just don’t install the ‘Stats Module’ ?

Certainly possible. You have to uninstall them, because they get installed by default.

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the easy way is before upgrade just rename your theme folder to community-theme-default-custom and then do the upgrade. after finish upgrade, rename community-theme-default-custom to replace community-theme-default (the new one from upgrading proccess)

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Is there a way to update it without replacing the theme?

Delete it from the unpacked ZIP file before uploading. Just as it's done with the the install/ directory.

To update your custom theme, apply these commits manually: none Merge pull request #44 from TrueXakeP/patch-1 (Feb 23, 2018) Merge pull request #48 from gonssal/fix-webp-product-view Merge pull request #46 from yaniv14/1.0.x Merge pull request #49 from TrueXakeP/fix-reorder-shown Reversing product page webp support Fixed category image responsiveness Added clicking on text to change carrier Fix price range display for RTL languages. Remove empty file order-advanced.tpl-eleazar. Merge pull request #54 from yaniv14/patch-1 Fixed logic on shipping (May 16, 2018) All of which can be found here: https://github.com/thirtybees/community-theme-default/commits/1.0.x

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