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The version 1.0.6 release has happened!

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You likely noticed discussions already, now it has happened.

Say hello to thirty bees version 1.0.6.

Release notes:

  • Fixed a serious bug which prohibited checkout in some cases.
  • Refactored the translations packing machinery, Crowdin translations for front and back office are back in business. This also uncovered 8 additional languages.
  • Added equipment for module vatnumber v2.1.0. In case you don't use the community default theme, see release notes there on how to get this for your theme as well.
  • Documentation for PHP vendor packages no longer go into the release package (55 files less).
  • Those 11 modules not getting installed by default no longer go into the release package (176 files less, tiny performance improvement). One can still install them by clicking 'Install', of course.
  • Fixed various bugs, of course.

Upgrade procedure is the same as with the v1.0.4 release, but no database upgrade and no messing with modules required:

  • Download the ZIP package.
  • Unpack the package.
  • DELETE the install directory from what was unpacked.
  • RENAME the admin directory to the same name as your current admin directory.
  • Perform a FULL BACKUP on your site.
  • TURN OFF all caches on your shop or or set it to force compile.
  • Upload the files that are remaining from the zip archive to your site.
  • Go to the config directory and edit the settings.inc.php file, update _TB_VERSION_ to 1.0.6.
  • Now log in to your back office, the upgrade should be finished. You can turn caches back on.


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I think he means that without full page cache, thirty bees is just prestashop 1.6 with clean urls... he maybe doesn't know that there are thousands other fixes in the core and things are not that simple! I just being sarcastic, again. Just ignore me :)

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I currently run 5 Thirty bees shops without any cache (not even smarty cache!!!), and also run 10 Prestashop 1.6+ shops with all caching options. And I can confirm that all my Thirty bees shops runs about 2-4 times faster than the Prestashop shop ones (Front and Back office).

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can someone verify that this fix for full-page cache works:

edit file classes/cache/CacheFs.php and change line 57 from

$this->keys = json_decode(file_get_contents($keysFilename));


$this->keys = json_decode(file_get_contents($keysFilename), true);

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Well firstly, congrats for the release!!

@traumflug said in The version 1.0.6 release has happened!:

This version is still killing full page caching. So, it is just not much of use.

Many other ecommerce solutions don't even try to have such a feature. A shop works just fine without it.

Yes, but we can not install an external solution neither....(TB is not compatible with cache modules)

@traumflug said in The version 1.0.6 release has happened!:

to $this->keys = json_decode(file_get_contents($keysFilename), true);

Dang. I mean I've had a look at every single usage of json_decode() to find exactly such issues. Looks like I missed a spot. Thanks for the help!

If this would be the solution, are you going to release a update or something? I think small patches are one of the missing things in TB (IMHO)

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