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Hey guys, i created this theme based on community theme with clean design, some additional modules and second image on hover.

You can see demo here: http://demo.worldtriangle.com/niara/

and download it here: https://gum.co/niara100/

Update 05.03.2019

  • Fixed missing option of some text translation in WtBlockBestsellers module
  • Fixed invisible checkbox for terms and conditions if AEUC module is enabled
  • Fixed customer registration from countries without states
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@tommat Hi have looked at your at it looks very clean and "pure" - in the good sende :) Have tried to install it, but invain. First it gave me a config file error - I then changed in the ThemesController.php. Success then I could install it. But when activating the theme, I get a 500 error !!!! So whats wrong ? 0_1547336394068_81464335-1cf8-48af-bbfa-62e9f849b311-image.png

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The theme does not work without the Tools.php override. It throws

Call to undefined method Tools::getProductsImgs() in product-list-item.tpl

This method indeed does not exists in ToolsCore, so the theme should not depend on it.

I suggest you remove this from the theme. The best way to provide this functionality might be dedicated module -- your theme could trigger hook to obtain product images, and this custom module would fulfil the request. If the module were missing, then the theme would fallback to standard rendering.

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1. Module wt bees blog recent posts home, file modules/wtbeesblogrecentpostshome/views/templates/hooks/home.tpl, line #28, missed closing "}" before "</a>" tag

2. FIle themes/niara/product-list-item.tpl

Why don't replace line #41

{assign var='productimg' value=Tools::getProductsImgs($product.id_product)}

with this one:

{assign var='productimg' value=$product->getImages($language.id_lang)}

thus avoiding unnecessary overrides?

Edited by DaoKakao
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