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New forum has launched!

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I imagine everyone has noticed that we launched a new forum over night. We should have most things transferred over. One thing that did not / will not make it is personal messages. Since there was no automatic way to migrate the forums, we had to do everything by hand. Because of privacy we did not even attempt to migrate the messages. 


If you notice any bugs, which there are a few still, please let us know by replying to this thread. 

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Url structure has changed, which means all inbound links, bookmarks, etc wont work anymore. SEO nightmare.

For example, topic urls changed from





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OK, think we have to get used to it.  One thing... can you please make the font in #000000 Color Hex Black  as standard  (it is very hard to read on desktop and also most mobiles).  Then it will also fit better to the thirtybees logo  🙂 

Thank you!! 

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Low priority, but the favicon doesn't seem to be working for the new forum. 

On another note, if you type the wrong Display Name or Email Address it gives information that could allow for data mining of Display Names or Email Addressses since it doesn't say that your e-mail or password were wrong but distinctly says that the Display Name or Email Address does not belong to a valid account.




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14 minutes ago, lesley said:

I understand, we just felt like this application had more features and could better fit our needs. We want to have a forum, not constantly have to manage a forum, if you know what I mean. 

Xenforo doesn't need to be constantly managed, or at least not more then invision community.

I respect your choice and as I said you in private, I'll get over it (in 1 or 2 years 😄)

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not happy with the new forum at all. search function was better before, broken URL's, and most importantly, I can't edit my own posts... see below

I really hope you guys will be fixing these issues ASAP.

Sorry, there is a problem

We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

Error code: 2S136/C

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What did you search for that broke? 


What happens when you edit a post? I have edited a couple and not had any issues. 


If you clicked an old link, we are trying to manually write redirects as we see them hitting the log, but there are a virtual ton to rewrite. 

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