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  1. This is a JavaScript issue. JavaScript is used for display during editing. After a round-trip to the server ('saving') everything is fine.
  2. Off the top of my head, these steps are required to duplicate a module: Duplicate the module folder. Give the new folder a meaningful name. Inside that folder is the main PHP file, same name as the folder, plus .php suffix. Rename this to the new folder name. This main PHP file defines a class making up the module. In its constructor, a variable/property '$this->name', change that to the new name as well. Delete all files starting with 'config' and ending with '.php', they'll get recreated automatically. That said, duplication makes no sense for some modules. For example, modules defining a database table; the module copy would use the same database or require more substantial coding efforts.
  3. Kind of funny that distinct cache settings for individual shops are allowed 🙂
  4. Chances are good one imports this trouble by importing the old database. Starting from scratch with an old database doesn't make much sense. To clean an existing installation: Uninstall and delete all non-thirty-bees-modules, delete all overrides, which means, all files ending in .php in overrides/, except index.php, Use Core Updater to update the installation to have no obsolete and no modified files. To move from one domain to another, move/copy all files and move/copy the database. This should give a working back office. To move front office as well, adjust the domain URL in Preferences -> SEO & URLs, third panel from the top.
  5. This printscreen also shows a way to work around the problem. Download these two ZIP files (first line on the printscreen) with some other means and place them where psonesixmigrator wants them (third line from the bottom). This might well give a better idea on why the download fails. Having done these downloads manually, psonesixmigrator should pick these already downloaded ZIPs up and finish the migration.
  6. This would remove customers like me from your shop. I never give a valid phone number. "The Internet" can't abuse things it doesn't know.
  7. "it failed" isn't exactly what one can work with. Which way did it fail, what were the error messages?
  8. Perhaps because the module was installed at some time, then removed again. Many modules don't clean up properly on uninstallation.
  9. Errors in Smarty compiled code doesn't mean Smarty is at fault. It means that code embedded in a template compiled by Smarty is buggy. The template needs fixing.
  10. Firefox allows to ignore third party cookies for years already, and shops continue to work.
  11. What's wrong with https://<your site>/en/manufacturers? Should work without any edit.
  12. Traumflug

    Carrier API

    Get a better module. APIs can be fast, request results can get cached. Sorry, can't say something better.
  13. A database query returning no results returns boolean 'false', not an empty array. This worked fine before PHP 7.2. Changing this line: if (count($subscribe_products > 0)) to this if ($subscribe_products) should do the trick.
  14. Unless you're prepared to learn Git command line stuff, the best bet is to use Core Updater, the Bleeding Edge versions. Core Updater follows the repository on Github closely and gets updated automatically; each commit to the Github repository arrives there a couple of minutes later. It's designed behave this way and get used like this. This also means: version 1.1.x there as of today isn't the same as 1.1.x last week or next week.
  15. Well, having no nofollow adds ranking to the page one links to, not the own page. If a couple of shops do this, the linked product page will have a higher ranking than the shop, which is usually not what merchants want.
  16. The leftmost button in the TinyMCE editor reads "Source Code". Click that and you get a source code editor, without any WYSIWYG. One can also switch back and forth between these two views.
  17. I'd start with some trivial HTML to see whether the module rejects HTML in general or if there's something wrong with the code you paste. Trivial HTML would be <div></div>.
  18. Traumflug


    That's not intended, there are currencies which actually want no digits after the decimal. Still glad to see this "misbehavior" matches what you want.
  19. Thanks. It's on branch 1.1.x now, you can use Core Updater to get it.
  20. Traumflug


    Well, "Number of decimals" rounds to the given decimals, but also doesn't display additional ones. For example, rounding to full Euros works, but also displays it as € 123 rather than € 123.00. I'm pretty sure one could add some CSS to always add .00 to prices.
  21. Nice catch. That's when attempting to edit a product in an order in back office, bottommost panel, right? I'm just curious how you managed to get this error message, I don't get it. Which kind of PHP is this? Anyways, this small patch should fix it: diff --git a/controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php b/controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php index b04f824fb9..100813972a 100644 --- a/controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php +++ b/controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php @@ -2710,7 +2710,7 @@ class AdminOrdersControllerCore extends AdminController } $decimals = 0; - if ($currency->decimals) { + if ($this->context->currency->decimals) { $decimals = Configuration::get('PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION'); } $this->ajaxDie(json_encode([
  22. Not sure whether this is a good idea. NoCaptchaRecaptcha and nocaptcharecaptcha are two distinct modules, one can have both installed. Any attempt to deviate from the name of the directory on disk might well lead to unexpected behavior in other places.
  23. It'd be pretty complicated to find a precise logic on how to apply such discounts. Where to apply it and where not. Hence the usual solution is to apply discounts either to a single product only, or to the order total.
  24. PHP code does quite a number of decisions based on the host name given. To get it working with an IP, at very least Preferences -> SEO & URLs -> Shop domain needs adjustment. Put the IP into there and into SSL domain. In case you wonder why thirty bees doesn't figure this automatically: these redirects are needed for multishop, for redirecton HTTP -> HTTPS and such stuff. There are a number of cases where these redirections make sense.
  25. That's intentional, because on small screens, large text would cover the whole image or not even fit on the screen. It's the 'hidden-xs' here: https://github.com/thirtybees/niara/blob/master/modules/homeslider/homeslider.tpl#L18
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